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Posted on Thu Mar 18th, 2021 @ 2:07pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather Devroe

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


[Lab 3]

After her conversation with the Commander Ensign Devroe quickly grabbed a DNA kit, then made her way to Engineering.


When Heather arrived outside of Engineering she saw T'Sol standing by the LCARS Panel and walking up to him "Hello Ensign, how are you" she asked "Commander O'Connell asked me to take some samples from this Panel."

"I'm fine Ensign" T'Sol replied "Yes help yourself to the Panel and I'll return to Engineering."

"That's fine" she replied "Oh by the way thank you for replicating the Bat'leth for me. You did a wonderful job not only making it but balancing it as well. I really appreciate it."

"Your welcome" he answered "If I am not being too bold....I am assuming that you and the Commander are getting along well?"

"We are getting along extremely well....thank you for asking" Heather replied.

Then T'Sol returned to Engineering and Heather gathered the necessary samples before leaving for the Lab.

[Lab 3]

When Ensign Devroe returned to the Lab she at once began analyzing the samples that she had just collected. After she had prepared about four different slides she grabbed the Stereoscope to take a look at what she had collected. When she peered through the Scope she really couldn't see all that much because she had neglected to turn on the light. Afterwards she peered through the scope once again and couldn't believe what she was, or wasn't, seeing.

Heather thought that was strange and proceeded to grab another slide and checked it the same way with the same results. After checking all four slides she decided to call the Commander.

Tapping her Comm: "Commander O'Connell this is Ensign Devroe; I think you may want to come and take a look at the samples that I collected from the LCARS Panel personally" she stated "I'll be able to explain it much better after you have a look at them."

"I'm on my way Ensign" came the reply.

Soon Jamie walked into the Lab and made his way over to Heather "Hi sweetheart" he whispered towards her ear not wanting to be obvious. "Fine" she whispered back.

"So what have you found Ensign" Jamie asked in a normal voice.

As she moved the Stereoscope in front of Jamie with the light off "Here look through this and tell me what you see" Heather instructed.

After peering through the device "I see a black smudge, but not very well" he replied.

Then Heather said "OK keep looking" as she turned on the light "Now what do you see.'

Jamie looked up at Heather rather confused "I...I don't see anything; where did it go....explain please" he replied.

Heather thought for a few moments "The sample didn't go's still there except you can't see it when the light hits it" then she continued "From what I can tell when the lights hits this material it absorbs the light thereby making it invisible to the naked eye."

Jamie looked at her being a little confused still "It disappears" he said.

"Yes, the properties of the material makes it appear to be gone while it's still indeed there. In other words if a person had a suit made of this material which covered them from head to toe, then theoretically the suit would make the person disappear to the naked eye but would still actually be there" Heather concluded.

"Ok now I get it. Wow that's some serious, and at the same time dangerous, Tech there" he replied "So is it organic or synthetic?"

"Yes both" was the reply "It's mostly synthetic but the creator of the material was able to some how infuse some organic camouflaging DNA into the material rendering it to appear to be invisible."

"Well that would certainly explain how someone was able to get on and off the Independence without tripping any alarms. Now the question is who and why. Thank you Ensign for your expertise and do me a favor and write up a report explaining what you just told me and send a copy to the Captain, myself, and Tactical if you would please. At least now we have some sort of idea of what we're dealing with." Jamie instructed.

"As you wish Commander" came the reply.

Jamie walked over to an area of the room which was hidden from view then motioned for Heather; when she walked over Jamie said in a low voice "I'm not ignoring you I've just been a little busy lately. I miss you and want to see you as soon as I can."

"I know, that's fine and I miss you and want to see you too" she whispered "Maybe soon?"

Jamie nodded yes and turned to go back to the Bridge.



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