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Posted on Sat Apr 24th, 2021 @ 12:35pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign T'Sol & Ensign Heather Devroe
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Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



After the briefing in the Ward Room was over, even though Lieutenant Balrog had arrived thinking it was just beginning, O'Connell made his way to the Bridge and took his place behind the Helm Officer while Ensign Devroe waited for him by the Lift.

Turning to the Comm Officer “Comm hail Commander Zot on Astra if you would please” Jamie ordered.

“Hailing Commander Zot, Sir” came the reply.

Within moments Commander Zot's face appeared on the Screen “Commander O'Connell, what do I owe the pleasure” a surprised Zot asked.

Jamie chose his words very carefully so as not to alarm the Commander “We have some new information that I would like you to take a look at before the peace talks commence.... a face to face would be preferable for security reasons” he explained.

Zot thought for a moment before answering “Alright...if you thinks this is necessary, then by all means” Zot replied “I'll send the coordinates to your Ship. When would you like to meet.”

“As soon as possible...let's say in thirty minutes...if that's agreeable to you....also the Assistant Chief Science Officer will accompany me as well as a Security person; as per my Captain's order if you wouldn't mind” O'Connell explained.

“That's fine. I've sent the coordinates to your Ship already. I'll see you soon” Zot said then the Screen went back to a view of space.

O”Connell turned and he walked up to Lieutenant Lance “ Have your Crewman meet me in Transporter Room Three in twenty five” he instructed then made his way to the Lift with Devroe following.


After the doors closed they started for Engineering before going the Transporter Room “Commander, that was smooth, very smooth” Devroe commented with a wry smile.

“Computer, stop Lift.” turning to Heather “What do you mean?”

Heather was a little taken back by his action “With respect Commander, the reason for my presence here just seemed a little contrived; I assume you ask me to go along for another reason unknown to the others” she replied.

Jamie thought he had been a little short with Heather; smiling he answered “Sorry I didn't mean to be curt with you.....the reasons I gave for needing you to come along are all true; your special skills are a plus for the mission. You do know that I trust you with my life.”

“I know....but let's hope it doesn't come to that” she answered.

“Agreed....Computer resume” came the request.


O'Connell walked into Engineering and saw T'Sol at the Computers “Ensign, could I have a moment of your time please. T'Sol walked over to the O'Connell “Commander what can I do for you” he asked then he looked at Devroe “Ensign nice to see you again.”

“T'Sol I need you to go to Transporter Room two and check the buffers for anything unusual; especially look for a new instruction set that would allow a double beam in on the same lock. We're trying to figure out the whole saboteur incident. The Ensign and I are going to Astra to talk with Commander Zot and see if she can shed some light on the subject. If you could have a report ready for me when I return I would appreciate it” O'Connell ordered.

“As you wish Commander; considerate it done.” came the reply.

“Excellent” Jamie said, then tuning to Devroe “You ready to get this done?” She nodded yes then they made their way to the Transporter Room.

[Transporter Room 3]

When they walked in O'Connell noticed a young women in a Security uniform which looked like she should be anything but Security. She also didn't see the Commander when he walked in.

O'Connell walked up to Security “ must be my security detail” he said in a pleasant voice.

The Security person looked up at Jamie “Oh crap!” then she snapped to attention “Begging your pardon Sir, I didn't see you there.”

“As you were Crewman....relax I don't bite” as he turned to Devroe “Do I Ensign” he said with a smile.
Turning back to Security “Do you have a name Crewman” he inquired.

“Yes Sir, I'm Rana Dogar” came the nervous reply “I've had considerable experience in Security Sir.”

“Great Crewman and this is Ensign Devroe our Assistant Chief Science Officer; the three of us are going to Astra to have a chat with Commander Zot.” Jamie replied “I'm not anticipating any problems but if something should arise you are to hold fast until either the Ensign or I direct you otherwise.”

Rana just looked at the Commander rather puzzled “With respect Sir, then what exactly is my role in this mission” she asked.

“Your role in this mission is you being visible....I want this go as smoothly as possible and just the fact that Security is there is huge factor in this meeting. Understood Crewman” O'Connell stated.

“Yes Commander, crystal clear.” was the reply.

Turning to the Room Operator “Please keep a lock on the three of us at all times; the first sign of trouble, should there be any, I want to beam out of there instantly” Jamie ordered.

“No problem Sir, I'll have all three of you ready to beam back at a moments notice” came the reply.

The three of them stepped onto the pads and instantly were turned into a beam of light which disappeared.


When the three of them materialized in front of the Great Hall they were greeted by Lieutenant Norse, Zot's body guard “Commander I see you brought your own Security with you; that really wasn't necessary.” Norse pointed out.

“My Captain's orders understand” O'Connell replied.

Norse just nodded “Right this way....if you'll follow me then” he directed.

The Ensign whispered to the Commander on their way in “Keep some distance between them and us, just to be safe.”

Jamie just nodded and the three of them were escorted into Commander Zot's chambers.

Upon their arrival Commander Zot turned and looked at them “Commander O'Connell, so nice to see you again” Zot commented in a friendly voice “So who do you have with you.”

“Commander Zot, it's always a pleasure to see you....this is my Assistant Chief Science Officer, Ensign Devroe and Crewman Dogar in Security; Devroe stood to O'Connell's right and Dogar to his left.

“A pleasure to meet you both” Zot said as she nodded towards Devroe and then Dogar “So what is this all about.”

Jamie began to explain choosing his words very carefully so as not to upset anyone “There has been an incidence aboard our Ship and there are questions that we just can't answer with the data that we have. I thought that maybe you might be able to help me figure out what's going on” O'Connell explained then continued “Ensign Devroe is much more qualified than I, so she will fill you in on all the details that we know so far.”

Zot looked at the Commander then at Devroe “Proceed Ensign, let's hear what you have to say” she replied.

Heather glanced over at Jamie then took a deep breath and chose her words very carefully explaining exactly what had happened on the Ship and when. When she had finished she looked over at Jamie.

“So you see Commander Zot we have a lot of unanswered questions” O'Connell commented “Is there anything or anyone that you know of that might have been involved in these actions.” He looked over at Norse and didn't like what he was seeing.

Before Zot could answer, Norse suddenly jumped towards O'Connell hissing and showing his teeth “What are you accusing us of Human” an angry Norse asked.

Before O'Connell could even answer, Devroe stepped in front of him in a defensive posture looking Norse straight in the eyes “ I would strongly suggest that you take a couple steps back sir” Heather said being very adamant.

Lieutenant Norse stood toe to toe with the Ensign as she just starred at him, then he raised his head and sniffed the air.....female and with that Norse lowered his head and returned to Zot's side as Heather moved back to Jamie's.

Meanwhile Crewman Dogar did what exactly what she had been ordered to do....nothing.

Commander Zot turned towards her bodyguard and in an angry loud voice “Demba re sortican glosk!!” and with that Norse left the room.

Then she turned towards her guests “I'm sorry for the Lieutenant's outburst; he means well but he gets a little carried away sometimes” she explained.

Zot turned and looked at the Devroe and addressed her “Ensign you certainly have the heart of a warrior.....but defended the Commander like he he your mate.”

Devroe was a little shocked at what Zot had just said “ he's not my mate exactly....we have been seeing each other.....and the Commander and I....well” Heather stammered.

“Enough said; I didn't mean to pry into your personal lives” Zot said with a smile “Commander your a lucky man to have someone willing to defend you like that. One last question....are all females on your Ship like the Ensign.”

Jamie just smiled “No Commander, she's very special.” By now he figured that the conversation needed to get back on topic.

“So Commander Zot is there anyone from your planet that might not want the peace talks to take place” O'Connell asked hoping for an answer.

Suddenly the Commander had a look on her face that O'Connell had not seen before “To tell you the truth....there is a faction that may be causing all of these problems” Zot responded, then continued “About two years ago there was a group who called themselves the 'Patoot'; which loosely translates to 'Patriot'. They feel that a strong Astra is a conquering Astra. They mean to take over many worlds no matter what the cost.”

O'Connell looked over at Devroe then back to the Commander “Well, that certainly explains a lot. If you don't mind my asking what happened to this faction.”

“They were exiled from Astra by the High Council to a nearby planet called Trapos shortly after they were discovered. The High Council has zero tolerance for such a group causing problems for our people” Zot explained.

“Let me ask you one more question Commander, if I may....we have reports of a Humanoid leading this faction in battle against Triangular; would you have any idea who this might be, or backing them” O'Connell asked.

Commander Zot thought for a few moments “ Rumor has it that there is a General Tow who frequents Triangular supposedly to meet with a weapons dealer by the name of Lord Tyveris; but this is just rumor, mind you. We have investigated this rumor but have not been able to prove anything” Zot concluded.

“Well, you certainly have supplied us with much needed information. As far as the rumor least we now have a place to start. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to speak with us” O'Connell replied being very sincere.

“Commander Zot smiled at them all “Your welcome Commander; anything to get these peace talks moving forward and please let me know if anything should change” she responded.

“I most certainly will keep you informed; the Federation is only here to help negotiate the peace talks, we have no vested interest in the outcome” Jamie replied.

O'Connell turned to his companions “Ready....O'Connell to the Independence....three to beam up” and instantly the three of them were gone.



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