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Making Repairs

Posted on Thu May 27th, 2021 @ 9:35am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Brooks Balrog & Lieutenant Kevin Lance

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


[Decks 7 & 8]

Ensign Paige, as well as Crewman Decker and Johnson, had procured some interior panels from Ship's Stores to repair the breaches on Decks 7 & 8. Luckily the breaches were occupying small spaces on each Deck so the areas were vacated for the safety of the Crew. After the panels were replaced, the forcefields were reinstated to strengthen the repairs until they could get to a Star Base for a proper repair.

“Ensign Paige to Ensign T'Sol the repairs to Decks 7 & 8 have been completed and are holding. I've re-established the Forcefields for extra support of the repairs” she stated.

“Excellent Ensign, please report back to Main Engineering” T'Sol replied.


After getting Mystery's permission to try and dispel the built up shield energy O'Connell proceeded to the Engineering Console “Ensign T'Sol to the Bridge” came the request. Soon T'Sol walked onto the Bridge “Yes Commander” came the reply.

Jamie explained the problem with the shields and how he thought it could be fixed “Commander that sounds like a logical place to start.” Jamie motioned to the Console for T'Sol to proceed since he was the acting CEO. So T'Sol made the necessary adjustments to flood the hull with negative Tachyon Particles to repel the built up energy. Turning to Kevin “Mr. Lance is this having any effect on the shields?”

Kevin peered intently at the shield monitor. After a pause he said, "Negative, Lieutenant."

T'Sol heard the Lieutenant then looked over at Jamie momentarily then proceeded to reconfigure the Console "Commander I'm going to widen the negative frequency of the Particles, but it may make the Ship quiver a bit."

Jamie gave T'Sol a nod yes and T'Sol made the proper adjustments as he said in a loud voice "Everyone, you may want to hang on to something", then he initiated the changes and as warned the entire Ship quivered. Turning to Tactical "How about now Mr. Lance."

[[Captain's Ready Room]]

Mystery had started her report to headquarters and saved it. There would be time to finish it later. Drumming her fingers on her desk Mystery was trying to decide if the system needed a warning buoy placed as the call for assistance was not what these people wanted. Neither side trusted anyone and even the neutral places for the talks had not been well received. The ship had suffered damage and that didn't set well with her. Getting up from her desk Mystery walked onto the bridge, to see where she could be of use at.


Feyd was staring off into figurative space (not actual space) when Natasha's gentle voice interrupted him. "Penny for your thoughts?"

'I did it for you' he thought, 'So that you wouldn't have to compromise your integrity.' But what he said was. "Nothing doing, sister. My thoughts are worth at least a bar of gold pressed latinum."

He smiled his winning smile, a rare gift he gave only to a few. "I don't like the way this mission turned out." He said. "It's hard to believe we were called here to negotiate peace in a place where the inhabitants hate each other."

"Yeah." She sighed, meeting his eyes. "It doesn't make sense."

Feyd was silent when he met her eyes, green pools a man could get lost in. She was just so beautiful. And the best part of it was, she didn't know it.


Flooding the hull with negative tachyon particles was having an unappreciable effect on the overcharged shields, the radiation wasn't concentrated enough. "Commander, perhaps we should apply the negative tachyon beam directly on the shields," Kevin suggested.

Jamie look at T'Sol "What do you think." " That would logically seem more effective" T'Sol replied "We could outfit a shuttle to apply the beam directly to the shields."

O"Connell turned and looked at the Mystery "Captain what do you want us to do" he asked

"Can one shuttle be outfitted enough? If so give it a try and if it's still not working we'll need a Star Base. We're due for a Baryon sweep as it is," Mystery said.

T'Sol answered Mystery "According to my calculations one shuttle can be outfitted enough for the tachyon beam to be dispersed; however depending on the tech that the assailants used it is possible that it may not be as effective as one would hope."

"There is only one way to find out; do what's necessary to the shuttle and give it a shot" O'Connell instructed T'Sol. T'Sol nodded as was off for the shuttle bay.

[Shuttle Bay]

After T'Sol made the necessary adjustments to the shuttle, he gave the pilot instructions on how to proceed with the Tachyon beam. About an hour went by before the pilot indicated that she was finished dispersing the Tachyon Beam and was returning to the Ship.

T'Sol tapped his Comm "Lieutenant Lance this is Ensign T'Sol, did the direct application of the Beam solve the problem?"

"Affirmative," Kevin replied, "The Tachyon Beam is dispersing the additional energy in the shields. We will reach a nominal state within 15 minutes."

"Excellent, I'll let the Captain know, T'Sol out" was the reply.

T'Sol informed Captain Ellis of the success of the use of the shuttle and also about the repair of the interior of the Ship. The Independence was somewhat back to normal; at least for now.

[[Captain's Quarters]]

When Mystery entered her office, she noticed the indicator that she had a new message. What she read was surprising.

To the commander of the Starfleet Vessel.

Elements outside of the Astran and Triangulan infrastructure have conspired to continue the war solely for the interest of profit, in particular an arms broker by the name of Lord Tyveris. His actions have led you to believe that the people of Astra and Triangular are not interested in peace, but this is not the truth. Attached you will find evidence that a man in the employ of Tyveris perpetrated the bombing of your ship, as well as the inciting of the Astrans to attack your marine detachment.

We want peace. Do not allow Starfleet to give up on us.

The message was sent from an anonymous sender.

Mystery leaned back in her seat to consider the message.

[ Triangular]

General Tow leaned back in his seat after sending the message. Although he had taken all the precautions, who knew it would only be a matter of time before Tyveris uncovered his betrayal. Still, it had to be done.

Patriotism, it seemed, demanded a high price, and he was willing to pay it.

[Captain's Quarters]

Ensign Rodgers leaned back in the Captain's chair, a smug look on his face. "There. I managed to hack into the message coding, piggyback and algorithm into the IP address and block the subspace encoding. He hid his tracks but, I had a few tricks up my sleeve."

Mystery opened the message again and found a direct link to General Tow and sent him a message:

General this is Captain Ellis commanding the Independence, I received your message and would like to speak with you. We're repairing damage from a recent attack. I can have you beamed aboard,"

Tow was surprised when his console lit up with the incoming call, but hid it well. It had taken Starfleet all of ten minutes to trace the transmission back to his console, and he had used all the tricks in his arsenal.

"Captain Ellis. Yes, I suppose that will do nicely. I will tell you everything I know."


Brooks stopped in front of the door to his quarters. Again, nothing happened. He stepped to the side and waved his hand in front of the door. Still nothing as he scratched his head. "Ah ha!" he said with a smile on his face before jogging to the other end of the hallway. Then, in a full sprint, he bolted toward his room and jump right in front of the door, which still didn't acknowledge him.

Feyd strolled down the corridor and noticed Balrog's antics. "What's with you?"

Balrog grimaced. "This always happens. My door doesn't acknowledge me."

Feyd frowned, scanned Balrog to make sure his bio signature was stored in the computer, then checked the quarters log. "'re on the wrong deck."



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