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Posted on Thu May 27th, 2021 @ 9:56am by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Splinter Faction And Assisting
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


It had taken quite awhile to get everything sorted out for the peace talks. Between General Tow and Lord Tyveris, not to mention Lieutenant Norris' part in all this, they had created quite the mess. Their lies and deceit almost cost both planets any chance of peace which both wanted desperately.

But now the peace talks between Astra and Triangular could finally proceed. Since neither planet was a member of the Federation, Starfleet did not feel the need to send a negotiator leaving the task up to Captain Ellis; or someone that she appointed. Since the Captain was up to her eyeballs in getting the Independence repaired she ordered the XO to moderate said talks.

The first day was rough; they first had to get past the finger pointing and growling along with some hissing. Commander O'Connell kept his wits about him as he tried to steer the talks in the right direction.

Day two was some better with each side starting to listen to the other and put aside their petty differences.

By day three finally some solid progress was being made with each side wanting certain things knowing that some compromise was necessary in order to come at an agreement.

At the end of day four they came to an agreement and the peace treaty between Astra and Triangular was signed.

The requests were actually quite straightforward. Triangular wanted the hunting by the Cats on their planet to stop which Astra agreed to in exchange for something. Astra wanted this green weed that Triangular had been trying to eradicate for years, but with no luck. So Triangular agreed to harvest this stinky weed for Astra and have it ready for pickup by the Astrans on an ongoing basis. The weed was used as a recreational drug and was fondly accepted by the entire planet.

As for the protagonists in this situation, each was dealt with by their respective governments. General Tow was Court Marshaled and stripped of his rank. But because he ultimately contacted the Independence and came clean with what was really happening his prison sentence was noted as 'time served'. The only stipulation was if he ever participated in anything like this again he would be executed on the spot; Mr. Tow could live with that while now having peace of mind that he had done the right thing.

Lieutenant Norris was also Court Marshaled and stripped of his rank. The only reason that he didn't see any prison time was because Commander Zot spoke up on his behalf. The High Council agreed to 'time served' as long as Norse kept himself out of trouble. Any further infraction would mean his execution with no mercy.

Lord Tyveris is a whole other story however. He had headed for parts unknown and neither government was able to track him down. Both planets agreed that if he was ever captured, being that he had a huge bounty placed on his head, that he would be executed for his crimes against the two planets. No one really knows if they've seen the last of Lord Tyveris or not.

After the peace treaty was signed by all concerned, each delegation went back to their respective planets. The only question remaining now was how long would the peace treaty last. Only history would be the judge of that.......

The Independence, having made what repairs they could, headed for the nearest Star Base to have the Ship properly repaired which also gave her Crew a much needed time of rest and relaxation.



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