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Heading to Jupiter Station

Posted on Thu May 27th, 2021 @ 3:32pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Bridge
Timeline: CUrrent

OFF: This will begin our shore leave. Any questions let me know. I'll work up a mission and hopefully it will be better received than this one was,


With the repairs as complete as they could be in space Mystery stepped onto the bridge and took her seat. "Helm set course for Jupiter Station warp six."

"Aye captain," helm answered

The ship came out from behind the planet they'd retreated to in order to get repairs done. Helm hurried to carry out her orders and in minutes the ship jumped to warp. The stars that had been pinpoints were not streaks as the ship sped toward Jupiter Station.

"How long before we arrive?" Mystery asked

"About twelve hours present speed," helm reported

"Steady as she goes," Mystery said "Communications send word to Jupiter Station and let them know we're coming and will need repairs and when done inform them we'll need a barion sweep done."

"Yes captain," communications replied "Jupiter Station acknowledges and will be ready for us when we get there." communications called out a few minutes later.


Twelve hours later:

"Captain, Jupiter Station is in hailing range," Communications announced'

"Helm take us out of warp and proceeded to Jupiter Station. Communications hail them."

"Your on captain," communications said

"Hello Brad," Mystery said once the link was established.

"Welcome home Independence, your cleared to dock in docking ring three. I received your requests and are ready to get your ship back in top shape not that your people haven't done a good job. How are you Mystery?"

"I'm good Brad, I'll meet you once my ship is in dock and things here are shut down. Give me a few hours." with that the link was cut. "Helm take us in, docking ring three." Mystery ordered

"Understood captain," helm responded as he worked to maneuver the ship into the docking ring.

Several minutes later the ship slid into the docking ring and the umbilical lines were attached allowing the station to hold the ship in place. Tapping her com-badge engineering shut down the engines we're in dock at Jupiter Station. Communications open inter ship communications." Mystery said

"Your on captain."

"All hands this is the captain, we've arrived at Jupiter Station the ship will be undergoing repairs and a barion sweep. Take anything with you that the sweep could damage. Your cleared to begin to depart the ship, enjoy the station, Earth or Earth's Moon."



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