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Posted on Fri May 28th, 2021 @ 11:23am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


[Jupiter Station]

Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot arrived at Jupiter Station after serving seven years on the USS Cleveland a few days prior to the USS Independence docking. She was quite impressed with her Hotel accommodations as they were first class all the way; not to mention the dining experience which Starfleet so nicely paid for.

Kat, is what she liked to called, was waiting patiently for her new home. She had never served on a Battle Cruiser before, being the Ship she served on since the Academy was Defiant class, but was up for any challenge.

Soon the Independence was docked and Kat started towards her new home with the transfer orders on her PADD in hand. When she walked onto the Ship Kat was greeted by a Security Ensign. Seeing her rank "Lieutenant, welcome aboard we've been expecting you" he said while admiring her beauty.

"I'm Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot Ensign and here are my orders" she stated. The Ensign made a copy of her orders and returned the PADD to her "Thank you, now if you could point me in the direction of the XO's Office I'd be very grateful" She said with a smile.

Then the Ensign handed Kat a new PADD "Here is your Independence PADD, it has all the information that you will need to bring you up to speed; the XO's Office is on Deck Two by the way" he instructed.

"Thank you very much Ensign for all your help" Kat said warmly with a smile and the Ensign gave her a nod. As she was walking away she could feel the Ensign's eyes on her and just smiled to herself.

The Ensign couldn't help himself watching the Lieutenant walk away as he thought "Man is she hot."

[XO's Office]

Kat found her way to the XO's Office and palmed the door chime and waited for a reply.

Jamie was finishing up the last of his reports to Starfleet, concerning the mess surrounding the peace talks, when he heard the door chime "Come in" he answered.

The door slid open and Kat walked in and snapped to attention as she approached the Commander's desk "Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot reporting for duty Sir" she stated.

Jamie looked up to see this beautiful women "At ease Lieutenant, please have a seat. We were notified yesterday that you'd be arriving soon."

Kat handed the Commander her transfer order PADD then sat down "All my information is on the PADD Sir" she said.

Jamie looked over her PADD for a few minutes then push it aside as he looked up at Kat "May I call you Katlyn" he asked.

Looking at the Commander "I'd prefer Kat, if you don't mind Sir."

Jamie smiled "No not at all. So how was your trip over to the Independence Kat" he inquired.

"Good Sir, the Cleveland was in the area so it was no big deal getting to Jupiter Station" she answered returning his smile.

"That's good to hear" Jamie replied "So tell me a little bit about yourself" he said.

Kat thought for a few moments, wanting to make a good impression on the XO "While I was at the Academy I had a duel major. My primary was Computer Science and my secondary was Tactical/Security. After graduation I was ordered for duty on a Defiant Class ship, the USS Cleveland where I served since graduation" Kat explained.

"Wow a duel don't see that often....very impressive I must say" he commented "Where are you from?"

"I was born and brought up on Regalia" she explained.

Jamie thought for a moment "If memory serves me correctly, isn't that the planet with heavy gravity" he inquired.

"Yes it is Commander and before you ask, I am able to control my physical strength without any problems" Kat replied.

"That's good to hear considering that you have at least twice the physical strength of a non Regalian person" Jamie stated "So you're going to be our new Computer Systems Specialist then" he asked.

"Well sort of Commander" Kat replied.

"I'm not sure I follow" a confused Jamie answered.

"Sir, if you look on the last page of the PADD my orders are quite specific" Kat instructed.

So the Commander went to the last page of the PADD and read the orders very carefully so as not to miss anything "Oh!....I wasn't expecting you are to head Tactical until such time Lieutenant Lance returns from his off ship assignment then will be a full time Computer I reading this correctly" Jamie inquired.

"Yes Sir you are. Also if any Computer problems should arrive I can deal with those also" Kat explained.

"That's an awful lot on your plate if you don't mind my saying so Kat; please excuse me but I have to ask.....will you be able to handle that much work proficiently" he asked.

"Yes Sir I will. I have a photographic memory and an I.Q. of sixteen hundred and am well organized" Kat responded.

Jamie just sat for a moment processing the information "Well sounds like your quite capable then. Ensign T'Sol is acting Chief of Engineering and also has a lot of computer knowledge so he can be of assistance if need be. Obviously, for now at least, your focus should be on Tactical" he stated.

"Yes Sir that will be my main focus for now" Kat replied.

" you have any questions for me at this time "Jamie inquired.

"Kat thought for a few moments "One Sir, will I be able to meet the Captain at some point; there are a few ideas I would like to share with her concerning Ship's Computer."

"Absolutely, matter of fact I will mention to her that you would like to meet her and her name is Captain Ellis" he said "So if there's nothing else then your dismissed. Since we're on shore leave please take your time to get settled. If you need anything my door is always open, so don't be afraid to ask."

"Thank you Commander I will" as Kat stood.

Jamie stood as well and extended his hand "Welcome to the Independence Lieutenant Zebot."

Kat carefully shook hands with the XO "Thank you Sir" then she turned and left the XO's Office thinking that she would look for her Quarters next.



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