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Moving Day

Posted on Fri May 28th, 2021 @ 1:06pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Current


[Jamie's Quarters]

Jamie had just returned from his Office after finishing up some reports from the prior mission and also meeting the newest Crew member. He had also informed the Captain that he would be moving into the XO's Quarters; which would be closer to the Bridge than his present quarters.

Heather had offered to help him move his belongings, which wasn't much, and also add a women's touch to the décor of his new place. Jamie had already packed up his stuff and was waiting for the gorgeous Ms. Devroe to arrive.

A few minutes later the door chimed and he wasted no time getting to the door, almost tripping over one of the boxes. When he opened the door all he could see was one very beautiful women “Please come in” he said.

As soon as Heather was inside she walked right over to Jamie and planted one serious kiss on him “Hi sweetheart.....boy I've missed you and especially that” she said with a smile.

A rather flustered Jamie looked into her blue eyes “And I've missed you too....and of course the kiss” he replied with a smile “So ready to get to work.” Heather nodded yes.

Since he had already made all the required arrangements for the new place and had placed his Comm Badge on the boxes “O'Connell to Transporter Room Three, I need a sight to sight transport from this location to the XO's quarters of my belongings.”

“Understood Commander” the Operator replied “Transporting in 3..2..1” then all of his stuff just disappeared from sight.

[XO's Quarters]

When Heather and Jamie arrived at the XO's quarters, she couldn't believe how big and roomy it was.

“Oh my gosh...this place is could get lost in here” a surprised Heather stated.

Jamie just laughed “Yes it is and this is only the living area. Here let me give you the nickel tour” so he proceeded to show her around. The living area had a couch with a table in front, two chairs along with side tables, a bookcase, and of course a desk with a terminal on it. Then they walked to the bathroom which had a huge sonic shower with all of the other necessary items which was just off the bedroom. Heather couldn't believe how large the bed was. Then the last stop was a kitchen of sorts with a replicator as well as a table with a couple of chairs and a sink

After the tour Jamie asked “So what do you think of this place.”

Heather thought for a moment “This is really nice....but you better make yourself a map so you don't get lost” she said with a chuckle.

“Very funny....your quite the comedian sweetheart” he replied with a laugh “We may as well start with the living area.”

“Sounds good....I'll do your you want them placed any special way” Heather asked.

“Well I usually place them in alphabetical order, makes them easier to find that way” he replied as he grabbed the two large boxes of books for her.

“Wow...I didn't realize you had so many books...and I suppose they all have something to do with Engineering” she replied with a chuckle as she started placing all of the books on the shelf; then put them in order.

“Well, not all of them” he replied with a laugh.

Meanwhile Jamie grabbed the other boxes which contained some family photos as well as some memorabilia which he placed on both of the side tables.

Soon the living area was done and it was time to move onto another room. Heather decided to take the bedroom as Jamie put his personal items in the bathroom. When he had finished he made his way into the bedroom where Heather was placing his clothes in the closet.

“You know Jamie, by the looks of your civilian clothes, I think you need to buy something from this century” she said with a snicker “Can't be in uniform all the time.”

Jamie looked at Heather “Hey....what's wrong with my clothes....I thought you liked the retro look” he replied.

“I do.....but these aren't retro; their just plain Father has better clothes than these” she replied with a chuckle “Tell you what, the next time we're off Ship near a Clothier, I'll help you pick out some new”

Jamie just looked at her “Ok, deal....besides I can't look like a bum when I'm out with such a gorgeous can I” he stated.

Heather walked up to Jamie and kissed him then she let out a sigh “Mr. O'Connell I wouldn't care if you were in your birthday suit; your such a handsome man you make anything look good “ she replied.

Now Jamie could feel himself getting red in the face; this women had that kind of effect on him. Although he really didn't mind.

Since all the unpacking was done, Heather sat on the foot of the bed and patted the bed beside her for him to sit down next to her. Not wanting to disappoint her he sat.

“This is really comfortable” she said as she proceeded to lay down “Why don't you join me and see for yourself”

Jamie wasn't sure where this was going, but decided to find out. They talked for a bit then Heather rolled onto her side facing Jamie and proceeded to kiss him in a most passionate manner “ I love you so much.....sometimes I almost can't stand it” she said with a coy smile.

He was more than overjoyed to hear her say that “And I love you just as much” he replied then gave her a passionate kiss.

Heather soon realized where this was going and wasn't sure that this was the right time or place; even though she desperately wanted to make love to him “You know....I'm getting kind of hungry.....let's say we try out your replicator and have something to eat.” Then she got up off the bed and put her hand out for Jamie. He figured this wasn't going any further so he took her hand and they walked out into the kitchen.

Jamie turned and looked at Heather “So, what would you like to eat” he inquired.

“I'm not sure...why don't you surprise me” she replied.

So Jamie did just that “Computer two large bowls of Granny O'Connell's Irish Stew with Pane bread and Irish butter” was the order. Soon the food was ready and he placed the food on the table along with utensils. “So would you like some wine to go with dinner?”

“Yes I'd like that” she answered as she smelled the Stew “This smells really good.”

Jamie placed both glasses of wine on the table and sat down “So dig in and tell me what you think.”

Heather tasted the Stew “This is very good...and I like the bread too” she answered.

He just smiled at her “Good....I'm glad you like it.” They ate dinner while talking and laughing until the door chimed. “Who could that be” he said.

Jamie went to the door with Heather following. When he opened the door a Crewman stood there with two large packages in his hands wrapped “Commander O'Connell I believe these are for you” as he handed him the packages “Have a pleasant evening Sir” then he turned and left.

Jamie looked at the packages and clearly could tell they were some sort of pictures “That's odd....I didn't order these” he stated as he looked towards Heather.

“Well open them” she said being almost as excited as he was. So he opened both packages to find a wall picture of Zephren Cochran's Ship and a picture of the first ever commissioned Enterprise. Then he looked up at Heather.

“Do you like them. I thought you needed something for your walls so they're not so bare” she replied “ Besides you were so sweet to get me the Bat'leth, I just wanted to do something nice for you. Think of it as a house-warming gift “Heather said.

“Yes....very much....thank you, but you shouldn't have” Jamie answered “But I'm glad you did.”

“Where do you want them” she asked.

“Not sure, what do you think” he replied.

Heather looked around for a few moments “How about Cochran's Ship over the couch and the other one on this does that sound” she asked.

“Sounds good to me” so the two of them put up the pictures together and Jamie stepped back and looked “ certainly have a good eye.”

Heather turned towards Jamie looking into his blue eyes, then gave him a kiss “Yes...I certainly do” then kissed him again.

For the second time that day Heather had managed to fluster Jamie, but in a good way. They went over and sat on the couch with a glass of wine that he had grabbed a few minutes earlier and listened to some music.

Turning to Heather “Thank you so much for your help today, I really appreciate it” Jamie stated.

“Your very welcome....besides I had a chance to spend some time with my favorite guy” Heather answered with a smile then gave him a kiss.

“And I love being with my favorite girl.....who I haven't had enough time with lately” Jamie replied while having a notion in the back of his mind; although this wasn't the right time to act on his notion.

Heather figured it was getting late “Jamie I should probably be going” she said “Will I see you soon?”

“Yes...soon” he answered then gave her one last kiss while they were at the door.

Heather smiled “Good” then she turned and left to go back to her own quarters.

Jamie went into the kitchen to tidy up a bit then grabbed an Irish Whiskey and sat on the couch while looking around “Yup.....this certainly is a big place....I may have to see about a roommate soon” he thought to himself then smiled.

While Heather was walking back home she couldn't help but think how she so wanted to make love to Jamie but tonight just didn't seem like the right time or place; then an idea popped into her head which put a smile on her face......



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