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Settling In

Posted on Sat May 29th, 2021 @ 9:11am by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot
Edited on on Mon May 31st, 2021 @ 9:24am

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Current


Kat used her PADD to find her way to her new quarters. After keying in her security code the door slid open and Kat walked inside and dropped her duffle bag. Looking around she realized that her other belongings had not arrived yet which was fine knowing they would catch up to her shortly.

Kat placed her PADD on the desk and grabbed her duffle and walked it into the bedroom; then proceeded to put her things away. It had a single bed with a dresser with lights over both the dresser and the bed; which would be good for reading. The bathroom was a good size for one person with a nice sonic shower and all the other needed items. She placed her personal items in the vanity drawers.

In the living area was a couch with a low table in front and also one chair with a side table. Of course the desk with a computer terminal on top and a chair. Also there was a very small separate kitchen of sorts with a replicator, table with two chairs, and a sink.

Looking around Kat figured this place would do quite nicely. Of course it would feel less cold and more like home when her other things arrived; but for now this would be fine.

Kat realized that she hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and was getting hungry so she went to the replicator "Computer, one serving of Regalian stew with ponfa bread" she requested. Soon her food appeared as she grabbed both items and went into the living area and sat on the couch. After tasting the stew she was quite surprised how good it tasted for replicator food. When she was finished eating the dishes went into the Kitchen area and were disposed of; then she ordered a glass of Regalian brandy.

Taking her brandy Kat went and sat at the desk and keyed her security code into the terminal "Ok baby, let see what you've got" as she started keying in a series of commands "Hmm....not bad" she said out loud "LCARS 6.2....but we can do better than that." Being that she was the Computer Systems Specialist, the only other person on board ship with a higher computer clearance was the Captain. After keying in a few more commands, she was satisfied with what she had seen for now, knowing that the system could be upgraded very easily to make a smoother and faster running system. Kat wanted to meet with the Captain soon and suggest the Computer upgrade; hopefully the Captain would agree to her suggestion which would also increase security greatly.

After the computer profile was over Kat then brought up the Tactical information and studied it for awhile. Now she was familiar with the technical data on the weapons systems and that of the shielding. Tomorrow she would go to the Tactical Console on the Bridge and become familiar with that also.

Kat got up from her desk and went to the replicator for another brandy and sat on the couch "Computer play Regalian rhapsody number seven" came the request and soon the room was filled with relaxing music.

As she was sitting and sipping her brandy she thought to herself " This assignment should work out just fine" then she spent the rest of the evening listening to her favorite music and just relaxing.

After relaxing for a few hours Kat realized just how tired she was, so she made her way into the bedroom and got ready for bed. As she lay in bed, with a smile on her face, she couldn't help but think "Tomorrow would be another exciting day on the Independence" and with that thought she drifted off to sleep.



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