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Detached Duty

Posted on Mon May 31st, 2021 @ 4:05pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Kevin Lance

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: Pre Shore Leave


The intercom on Commander O’Connell’s desk chimed. “Sir, Commodore Helsing is contacting you,” the Command Yeoman reported.

The Commander was at his desk looking over the last of the reports that needed his attention before starting any shore leave "Yeoman patch it through" he answered wondering why in the world the Commodore was calling.

The image of Commodore Helsing appears on the monitor. He was a older Starfleet officer of Central European descent. "Good Day, Commander," he address Jamie, "I know that you are busy with repairs to your ship so I will get to the point. We are detaching your Chief Tactical Officer for duty with the Federation Diplomatic Corps."

Jamie sat for a moment being quite surprised "As you wish Commodore....I'll let Lieutenant Lance know directly Sir; if I may be so bold Commodore, are we to expect the Lieutenant back at some point" Jamie concluded. Then the Commander tapped his Comm "Lieutenant Lance, please report to the XO's office right away.

"The assignment to the Federation Diplomatic Corps is for an undetermined length of time," the Commodore replied, "But don't worry. We are assigning another tactical officer of a more appropriate rank to take over in his absence."

"Yes Commodore....Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot has already arrived....thank you for that; otherwise it would have left the Ship with a real problem. She seems to be more than capable of handling Tactical/Security in Mr. Lance's absence" the Commander replied.

"Very good," the Commodore smiled, "I shall not take up any more of your time. Helsing out." And with that the Commodore's image fade from the screen.




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