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Another Day Another Gold Press Latinum

Posted on Sat May 29th, 2021 @ 4:52pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: various
Timeline: current


Barium sweep.


At least there was some warning that this was happening before arrival at the station.

Thomas called ahead and arranged for a cargo tug to meet the ship at the station and offload his cargo containers and hold them during the sweep and then return them to the ship.

Heading down to the cargo bay, he and his wife spent some time ensuring that the feeding replicators were stocked and that the life support pods were fully charged. Once that was complete they returned to the Captains ward room to pack up all of the cooking supplies that would be negatively affected by the sweep. While checking on the animals they discovered that the sheep was pregnant, which was good as it meant that in a few months they would be able to do a lamb stew.


Done with the cooking supplies, he booked passage on a shuttle to Earth for he and Marie. Then sent messages: to his restaurant in Paris to let them know he was going to be in town to check on things; Feyd to invite him and Natashia to his restaurant for dinner and a night on the town in Paris on him; to his distributor to arrange for a supply of truffles; and a number of other notes to various business and personal concerns.

Thomas Jefferson
Captains Chef


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