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Meeting The Boss

Posted on Mon May 31st, 2021 @ 6:16pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current



The next morning Kat was up early, after breakfast and a shower she dressed in her Uniform and proceeded to go to the Bridge to become familiar with the Tactical console. After a couple of hours of study and accessing the different screens and functions of the Console, she felt quite satisfied with her ability to operate Tactical. Kat turned around just in time to see a women walk into the Captain's Ready Room; so she thought perhaps see could get to meet the Captain.

Kat walked over to the Ready Room and palmed the door chime and waited for a response.

"Come in!" Mystery called as she put her lap top into it's case.

Kat walked in and approached the Captains desk then snapped to attention "Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot, thank you for seeing me Ma'am."

"At ease lieutenant," Mystery said "Please have a seat and welcome aboard."

Kat sat down and relaxed but sat straight up in the chair "Thank you Captain, I'm excited to be assigned to a Battle Cruiser" she replied.

"We're at Jupiter Station as you know, we've suffered some damage in a recent attack and that is on me. I tried a maneuver that I'm familiar with but my crew are not. I'm glad to have you, your record is impressive to say the least," Mystery commented.

"Thank you Ma'am" Kat replied "I'll do my best to fill Lieutenant Lance's shoes until he returns; there is however something that I would like to discuss with you if I may" hoping for the expected answer.

"Of course lieutenant, what's on your mind?" Mystery asked.

Kat took a deep breath and offered a smile then began "I took the liberty of pulling up the specs on the Ship's Main Computer then ran a full diagnostic when I arrived on board from my quarters. I won't bore you with the technical details, just suffice to say that the system is now running on LCARS 6.2 and there is a newer version, LCARS 6.5, which will give the Computer a 30% increase in storage and a 40% increase in speed. This newer version came out about eight months ago. I installed it on the Cleveland shortly before I left and it's 'rock solid'; it would also increase security greatly. That being said, now would be the perfect time to do the upgrade while minimal resources are being used and would take about four hours from start to finish. So what are your thoughts Captain" Kat explained hoping that she hadn't been too long winded.

"The ship is due for a baryon sweep, will you need to be aboard the entire time? If so then it will have to wait until the sweep is done," Mystery said "I had heard there was an upgrade but hadn't heard it was ready. By all means you have my permission to install the upgrade."

Kat thought for a moment "Since I have to go to the Station to procure a copy of the new O.S. anyway; I'll wait until the sweep is done before I do the upgrade. I want to have the time to make sure it's done correctly plus it will give me the chance to pick the Chief Computer Specialist's brain a bit" she replied warmly.

Mystery nodded "Good enough, once the sweep is done and the ship is cleared for boarding again feel free to do the upgrade and keep me posted on the progress."

"Yes Captain I will; it should be an easy upgrade so I don't see any foreseeable problems. When we're finished I will go hunt up the Chief Engineer, introduce myself and explain to him of my plans to upgrade the Main Computer as well as the two redundant Computers Systems" Kat responded "Of course once the Ship is underway then my focus will turn to Tactical/Security for the majority of my time."

"I look forward to seeing how the upgrades work" Mystery commented "Lieutenant Lance ran a tight department, don't let anyone get away with anything. Do you have any questions for me? And have you found your quarters yet not that your going to need them for a bit with the sweep coming up."

"The upgrades are impressive; you won't be disappointed Ma'am. As far as Tactical is concerned, my style is probably different from Lieutenant Lance's, but I don't tolerate anything less than everyone's best. And yes I've found my quarters; they are quite pleasant. Hopefully the rest of my belongings arrive shortly. As far as questions...none that I can think of at this time." Kat concluded.

"Just make sure everything that can be harmed by the sweep is removed. Your free to head to the base, Earth, the Moon or anywhere you'd like until the sweep is done," Mystery said.

At that Kat stood "Thank you Captain for your time, I'll be sure to keep you in the loop when the sweep has been completed. After I swing by Engineering I'll return to my quarters to pack a few things then head off to a hotel at the Station" she replied and with that she left the Captain's Ready Room.




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