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Home Again #2

Posted on Sun May 30th, 2021 @ 4:51pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Earth
Timeline: Current



Jamie instructed the Pilot where to set down on the Farm and soon they touched down. Heather and Jamie grabbed their duffle bags then he turned to the Pilot “Thanks for the ride; today is Tuesday so please be back on Thursday at twelve hundred hours” Jamie instructed.

“Very good Sir and enjoy your stay....I'll see you on Thursday then at twelve hundred hours” the Pilot replied.

As they walked off the shuttle Ellen came running up to Jamie and threw her arms around him giving him a big hug and a kiss “'s so nice to see you...I've missed you” She said trying to hold back the tears “And who is this ravishing creature.”

“Mother it's nice to see you...and I've missed you too.....allow me to introduce the love of my life....this is Heather Devroe” he stated “Sweetheart this is my Mother, Ellen.”

Ellen gave Heather a big hug “It's so nice to meet the women who has stolen my boy's are you” she asked.

Heather was a little bit flustered but managed to say “It's very nice to meet you too Mrs. O'Connell and I'm doing well thank you.”

“Please call me Ellen, we don't stand on ceremony around here” she replied. Then as Jamie looked up
William came over and shook Jamie's hand being glad to see his wayward Son, then Jamie made the introductions.

William looked at Heather then gave her a hug “ I see what all the fuss is are breathtaking to look at and please call me William” he said.

“Thank you I know where Jamie gets his charming ways from” Heather replied.

“So where is the rest of the family at” Jamie asked.

“Adam is out in the field and Caroline had to run an errand but she'll be back soon” Ellen said “Come let's go in the house.....I've made you something to eat to tide you over until Supper.”

So the four of them went into the house and Ellen showed them where their separate rooms were and they got settled in. They came out their rooms and Jamie stole a kiss “Hey watch it or I'll have to tell your Mother” Heather said with a chuckle “Your family is so warm and friendly.” Then they went downstairs to have something to eat. While they were eating and getting acquainted Jamie whispered to Heather “Glad you came along” he asked and Heather nodded yes as she squeezed Jamie's leg under the table.

Soon the door burst open and in ran Caroline going right up to Jamie and gave him a big hug and a kiss “Jamie.....I've missed you so are you” Caroline said with a tear in her eye.

“I'm missed you too Sis and I'm dong very well thank you” Jamie replied.

Caroline turned and looked at Heather “I can see that, are you going to introduce me to this gorgeous creature” she asked.

“ Sis this is Heather Devroe” Jamie said “Sweetheart this is my sister Caroline.”

They both exchanged pleasantries, each being glad to meet the other. After talking for awhile Heather decided she needed some air so she excused herself and went out on the front porch. Jamie excused himself and followed “You ok” he asked looking at Heather. “Yes I'm fine I just needed some air; this is a little overwhelming....but I'll be should go back inside” she said with a smile then gave him a quick kiss.

So Jamie went back inside and explained that Heather just needed some air and that she was fine. Ellen and William cleared the table and did up the dishes.

Meanwhile Caroline whispered to Jamie “Brother she is really beautiful....your a lucky have know, had sex with her yet” she inquired.

Jamie just looked at Caroline rather put off by her question “First off Sis that's none of your business...I don't kiss and tell” he stated.

Caroline began to giggle “Oh my haven't have you....well you better hurry up Brother before someone else beats you to it” she replied “Stop being so old fashioned.”

“You just worry about your own sex life and never mind about mine” Jamie replied with a chuckle. Then Heather came back in and sat next to Jamie “So what did I miss “ she asked. Before Jamie could answer Caroline piped up “Well I was just asking if....” then Jamie kicked her leg under the table and stopped her in mid sentence “Ouch...that hurt!” as Jamie gave her a look that could kill. Caroline just giggled and got up and left the table to go upstairs.

Heather looked at James and whispered “So what was that all about.” Jamie smiled “I'll explain later” then gave her a kiss on the cheek.

So for the next few hours Heather, Jamie, and his parents sat around the kitchen table chatting and asking all sorts of questions of the couple. Everything from where Heather was from to what they were doing on the Ship. As it was getting towards dinner time Ellen excused herself to start the dinner meal. Then Adam walked into the Kitchen.

Adam looked at Jamie and in a sarcastic tone “Well....looked who decided to grace us with his presence.”

Ellen chimed in “Adam watch your manners towards our guests” she barked in a not so pleasant tone.

Meanwhile Jamie stood and walked over to Adam and offered his hand “It's nice to see you to Adam” after a minute Adam just smiled as he shook Jamie's hand “Welcome home's good to see you too” then they hugged.

Jamie turned to Heather as she got up from her seat and walked over to him “Adam this is the love of my life....Heather Devroe” as he looked at her “Heather this is brother Adam.”

“Nice to meet you....I've heard a lot about you” Heather said with a smile.

Adam returned the smile “It's nice to meet you too Heather” as he looked at Jamie “Well brother looks like you out did yourself....she gorgeous” then he looked at Heather “My brother has always had an eye for the gorgeous women” he said with a chuckle.

Heather just smiled “Oh is that so....I'll have to find out about that” she replied with a laugh as she squeezed Jamie's hand.

“Thanks always did like getting me into hot water....some things never change I see” Jamie replied with a chuckle.

Soon dinner was ready and everyone, including Caroline, sat at the table enjoying a meal together. Ellen was very happy as it had been a long time since the whole family had been gathered around the kitchen table. Heather couldn't help but notice that Jamie's sister seemed to have more than a passing interest in her.

After dinner Jamie and Heather went out onto the porch for some air. Soon Adam followed as Ellen had put Caroline to work helping clean up the kitchen and do the dishes.

Adam caught the couple sharing a kiss “Ok you I need to get the hose and cool you down” he commented with a smile, then in a low voice “Jamie you better watch out for Sis; I think she has her eye on Heather.”

“What do you mean” a surprised Jamie replied and Heather also heard the conversation.

“Oh....Mother didn't tell you.....about a year ago Caroline confessed that she had a thing for the ladies; if you get my drift” Adam explained.

“Well that explains why she was starring at me all through dinner” Heather stated “Maybe I should be flattered; two O'Connells find me attractive” Heather chuckled.

Jamie however wasn't so amused by the situation “Maybe I should have a little chat with Sis” a slightly angry Jamie said.

“No....please don't....we're visiting.....don't start something that you'll regret later” Heather said “If the situation should escalate I will handle it myself.”

Jamie let out a long sigh “As usual your right; I'll keep my mouth shut then.”

The three of them went back in the house and everyone sat in the living room and chatted for the rest of the evening.

When it was time for bed Jamie and Heather excused themselves and went upstairs, each to their own rooms, and got ready for bed.

Jamie came out into the hall and knocked on Heather's door. She opened the door only to see Jamie “Can I have a kiss goodnight” he asked; so Heather smiled and gave Jamie a kiss goodnight “See you in the morning” she replied.



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