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Trouble Ahead

Posted on Tue Jun 1st, 2021 @ 4:37pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot
Edited on on Tue Jun 1st, 2021 @ 4:45pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Jupiter Station
Timeline: Current



After Kat had packed a duffle, she was off to book a room at the hotel on the Station. When Kat reached the hotel there were very few rooms left due to the Crew booking most of them ahead of the sweep which was scheduled for the next day. So she really wasn't too choosey about the accommodations, as long as she had a place to sleep for the night. So she went up to her room to drop off her duffle and hang up her party clothes; as she looked around the room, which had a double bed, she thought "Not too bad considering."

(Chief's Office)

Kat proceeded to go to the Ship repair area and went inside the Chief Computer Systems Specialist's Office, then she saw a familiar face "Hey Chief, how's it going" she said.

The Chief turned and to his surprise " I live and breath....what are doing here" he asked before going up to her and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"I've been assigned to the Independence and I need a copy of LCARS 6.5 software so I can upgrade their systems when the sweep is completed" Kat explained "So how have you been Zeb, you look like you've gained a little weight since the last time I saw you."

The Chief looked down at his waistline then laughed "It's my wife's great cooking; it's all her fault" he answered with a chuckle; grabbing a copy of the requested software he handed it to Kat "Here you go gorgeous, the latest and greatest."

"Thanks got a minute.....I need to pick your brain about Independence's Computer System, if I may" Kat asked with a smile.

"Sure gorgeous...whatever you need" Zeb replied. So the two of them had a question and answer session for awhile with a few laughs along the way "Well I've taken up enough of your time, thanks for the software and the info" Kat said then gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Any time sweetheart" he replied "Hey....don't be a hear."

With a smile Kat responded "No I won't....take care....and tell your wife I said hello" then Kat made her way back to her hotel room.


When Kat arrived back at her room she showered and dressed in her party clothes; which consisted of a black pair of form fitting pants, a rose colored scoop neck top, and a pair of flat shoes.. As long as she was spending the night she may as well have a little fun while she was at it. There was a Pub across from the Hotel that had some interesting music coming out of it that Kat wanted to check out.


As Kat was walking towards the Pub she saw a face coming towards her, with two goons in front, that she had hoped that she would never see again "What do you want scum-bag" Kat asked with a nasty tone.

"Hey is that any way to greet an old friend" he asked.

"Your certainly are not my friend you dirt bag" she replied getting very agitated "I see you brought a couple of Regalian goons with you....whats the matter, you too scared to approach me alone...what do you want?"

"I'm not stupid, I don't want you rearranging my body parts. Zebot, you know what I want...for you to work your magic on your new Ship" the scum bag replied.

Kat thought for a moment before answering "Absolutely not...not this time....I've paid for my sins long enough....I won't betray my new Ship like I did the last one, you sick son of a bitch!" was her reply.

The scum bag smiled "I don't know what the big deal spent all that time on the Cleveland and no one ever discovered your are very, very good at what you do" he pointed out then continued "And what would the Starfleet Brass think of their up and coming officer when they get a copy of the pictures of your little indiscretion. Speaking of your old ship, how is it that my favor stopped functioning?"

"Because I removed it before I left you pervert" came an aggressive answer.

"Fair can just setup your new ship instead....time for some new entertainment anyway" he said with a strange tone in his voice.

By this time the only thing that Kat wanted to do was to crush his skull with her bare hands "Are you deaf....I won't do it....I'm done with you and your sick, twisted ways you perverted bastard" came her final answer.

The scum bag just smiled at Kat "Tell you what Zebot...I'll give you a week to change your mind....and when I check if my favor is not in place and operational...then at my discretion, which could be anytime of my choosing, the Starfleet Brass will be getting a little unexpected surprise" he replied.

Kat was about ready to explode, then she lunged towards the scum bag only to be held fast by the two Regalian goons " You do what you have too....but know this....if you cost me my career in Starfleet....then the only mission for the rest of my life will be to track you down....and I will find you....then I will happily rip out your spine with my bare hands and truly make you the spineless bastard that you really are!!" Kat promised.

Then came the reply "Wah, wah, wah....go cry to your mother bitch" then the scum bag turned and left with his two goons in tow.

Kat hadn't been this angry in a very, very long time and needed to vent her anger before she accidentally took her anger out on some poor soul. She looked, then walked down a long narrow corridor until she came upon a metal refuse can, figuring this would do just fine. For the next several minutes Kat vented her anger on the can until only a pile of scrap metal was left. Kat reached into her pocket, took out a credit and placed it on top fo the rubble. This should more than pay for a new replacement; then Kat decided to go check out the Pub now that her anger had been vented.


When Kat entered the Pub she looked around just scouting out the place, as any good security person would do, and saw a familiar face sitting at a table alone. So she went over to the table "Hey, fancy seeing you here" Kat said.

Ensign Paige looked up "Oh hi Lieutenant, please have a seat" came the friendly greeting followed by a smile. So Kat sat across the table. "Because we're off duty, please let's drop the rank and call me Kat, Ensign" she instructed.

"Ok, then please call me Becky, which is short for Rebecca" she replied with a coy smile "Let me buy you a drink, what would like."

"Fine, but the next round is on me like I promised....I'll have a brandy please" Kat replied being all smiles. Soon her drink arrived and the two of them talked and laughed and were becoming good friends.




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