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A Night At the Opera

Posted on Wed Jun 2nd, 2021 @ 5:30pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Paris
Timeline: Current


The host escorted them to a private table in the corner, where he removed a ‘Reserved’ sign. All eyes turned toward Feyd and Natasha as they seated themselves, wondering who was so important as to be able to have a reserved table in Paris’s hottest restaurant.

Then, the murmur in the room went silent as Thomas strode out of the kitchen in his chef’s uniform. “Welcome, welcome to Maison sous les Etoiles.” He said, a wide grin on his face. "I am so happy you were able to come and join us for dinner."

A sommelier stepped up with a bottle of wine and presented it to Thomas who nodded at the selection. The sommelier opened the bottle then picked up a wine glass to pour an amount into and presented it to Thomas. After reviewing the wine and tasting it, Thomas nodded his approval, and the sommelier poured for Feyd and his date. At that moment a waiter arrived with a plate of horderves for them to sample. "Please enjoy yourselves while I finish up a few things in the kitchen, then Marie and I will join you."

Feyd raised his eyebrows and looked at Natasha, who stifled a giggle, then proceeded to sip her wine with all the solemnity of a state occasion. She raised her eyebrows in return, as if to say 'well, when in Rome...'

Feyd did likewise, then wrinkled his nose at something that looked like snails in sauce, but at an encouraging look from Natasha tasted them. It practically melted in his mouth, and the taste was exquisite.

After several more courses of equally amazing cuisine, their bellies full, the couple looked up as Thomas and his wife Marie arrived, dressed for a night on the town.

"Ready?" Asked Thomas.

"We are." Stated Natasha and rose, the picture of elegance and poise. "Where are we off to?"

Lifting a cane with a silver wolf’s head Thomas looked at Natashia and tapped his forehead in response, then motioned for the couple to come along. As the quartet moved through the restaurant, all eyes were on them, especially the two beautiful women. Thomas leaned into Relor and whispered, "you'll be famous in the morning".

Feyd chuckled. “Better than being infamous, I suppose.”
As they stepped outside, they were met by a large horse drawn carriage that looked like it was right out of the French Renaissance, drawn by two huge white thoroughbreds. The carriage footman helped the four of them in, closed the door and then stepped onto the rear footboard. Wine and sweetbreads were available for them as they took a ride through the city and eventually arrived at the Moulin Rouge.

The people outside waiting to get into the hall all, again, stared at the two couples as they exited the carriage and entered through the executive entrance only to immediately be whisked away to a box overlooking the stage. For the next two hours they were entertained by the cabaret, the sights and sounds driving the emotions of the audience through joy, sadness, exhilaration and fear.

As the cabaret drew to a close, a small reception was held for the high and mighty, Feyd and Thomas talking the evening away as the women did the same. They managed to stave off what might have been a brawl when Feyd stared down another one of the guests, and the quickly departed without finishing their drinks.

After the show, they returned to the carriage where they found the wine and sweetbreads having been replaced by a port and cheese collection. The bottle, upon some examination, still had some small amounts of old dust in the crevasses of the ornate glass.

Following another trip around Paris, they arrived at Trocadéro Gardens, where they had an opportunity to be entertained by street performers. In the distance, across the river, the Eiffel Tower rose up like a steeple into the cool Parisian night.
The next stop of their evening took them across the river to the Eiffel Tower. They took the elevator to the top where they are served amazing coffee and croissants while watching the sun rise.

Natasha smiled and sighed happily as she leaned over and wound her fingers around Feyd’s. He stiffened for a moment, then relaxed. “Oh, what a perfect evening.” She said, and leaned her head on his shoulder. After a few moments, she turned her head and looked up into his eyes.
“I could…ummm,” She bit her lip as her voice became husky and dropped to a whisper, “get used to this charade.”
Feyd locked eyes with her, a lump growing in his throat. “I could too.” He thought about moving in for a kiss when Thomas and Marie stirred next to them. Feyd looked up and cleared his voice self-consciously, but he and Marie were locked in an embrace and ignoring the rest of the world.

After some quiet time, the two couples parted, promising to do it again sometime soon, and Feyd and Natasha headed back for the Independence. Thomas promised to return once he had finished taking care of a few things.


Returning to their home via the carriage, Marie, with her head resting on Thomas' shoulder, says "What is Feyd waiting for?"

Watching the city as it wakes up "I don't know, but it is very apparent that they have strong feelings for each other, perhaps it has something to do with Starfleet regulations."

"Well, to hell with Starfleet regulations..." she mumbled as she snuggled up to her husband and fell asleep.

Thomas glanced down at his wife and thought 'oh, Feyd, you're in trouble now...'



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