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Too Much

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 @ 9:44am by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Jupiter Station
Timeline: Current



After several more drinks Kat and Becky were still talking and laughing while each of them couldn't remember the last time they had enjoyed themselves so much.

"Kat I am having so much fun being here with you and just talking. I think that we are going to become really good friends. I haven't been on the Ship only a few months myself and have spent most of my free time alone in my quarters; it would be nice to have someone to hang out with" an excited Becky commented.

Kat smiled "That's funny, I feel the exact same way and yes I think we're going to be very good friends" she replied. Then Kat figured it must be getting late as the Pub was thinning out quite a bit.

"It's getting kind of late....can I walk you to your room" Kat asked. Becky had this strange look on her face "Please tell me that you have a room for the night."

Becky just looked at Kat " the time I got over to the Station....all the rooms were already booked up" she replied sounding a little concerned; reality had just set in "I was going to spend the night in the Common Area of the Station."

Kat gave Becky a sharp look "Are you insane! In a few hours every pervert in the Station will be on the prowl just looking for a sweet young thing like you. You could get mugged, raped, or worse. Your going to spend the night in my room; there's even a double bed which is huge" Kat explained.

"I don't want to be a bother and intrude on your privacy" Becky replied.

"Nonsense, if I wasn't concerned for your wellbeing then I wouldn't have asked" Kat stated "Besides I thought we were friends; and friends don't abandon friends in their time of need. So where is your duffle bag?"

A big smile came over Becky's face "Thank you so much, I owe you one; my duffle is under my chair" she replied.

When the two of them stood up to leave, Becky wobbled a bit "Easy girl...looks like somebody's had a few too many drinks tonight" Kat said, then she put her arm around Becky's waist and the two of them made their way to Kat's Hotel room.


The closer they got to the room the drunker Becky became. By the time they were in the room the only thing that Becky wanted to do was lay down on top of the bed. In doing so she passed out, probably for the night.

Kat stood there for a few moments looking at Becky then decided to undress her and put her to bed; no reason to ruin those nice clothes by sleeping in them all night. So Kat very carefully undressed Becky and put here under the covers. She couldn't help but notice what a sweet body Becky had; just the kind of friend she needed. But that would have to wait until another time and they would have to become better friends.

Kat sat in the chair thinking, after the unfortunate incident at the Academy, she could only be intimate with a Regalian male; at least she wouldn't break them. Of course being on a ship that wasn't going to happen, so if she wanted any kind of intimacy in her life then it would have to be with a women and Becky seemed like a good choice. For whatever reason she didn't break women; so she felt safe being with them.

The next morning Kat woke and looked over at Becky who was still asleep, then decided to get up and make some coffee; Becky could probably use a good strong cup of coffee after last night. When the coffee was done she poured herself a cup just as Becky woke up and stretched "Good morning Kat" as she looked around "Where am I" a slightly confused Becky asked while realizing that she was in her underwear.

Kat chuckled "Somebody had too much to drink last night so I brought you to my room, since you had no other place to go, and you passed out when we arrived here. I took the liberty to undress you so you would't ruin your clothes and before you ask; nothing happened last night" Kat concluded.

Becky got out of bed and walked over to Kat as she handed her a cup of coffee "Thank you so much for looking out for me last night; you really are a good friend" she replied.

"I told you that we would become very good friends; maybe even playmates down the road" Kat said with a smile.

Becky looked at Kat with a puzzled look "Playmates...I'm not sure I follow" she replied. So Kat whispered the explanation in Becky's ear.

Then she looked at Kat "Oh....Oh!!!" a flustered Becky said "Uh....Uh.....maybe I should get dressed and she grabbed her uniform and went into the bathroom.

Kat sat in a chair thinking" Well so much for that Idea....nice going Kat" Then Becky came out of the bathroom and walked up to Kat.

"I thought you were getting dressed" Kat said as she was looking at Becky still in her underwear.

"I'm sorry for reacting that just took me by surprise" Becky replied "I'd like to explore the playmate concept if you want" then she leaned in and gave Kat a very tender kiss.

Kat didn't say a word but stood up and returned the kiss, then she said "I'd like that" then she gave Becky a passionate kiss while starting to undo Becky's bra as her breathing quickened. Then Kat moved away from Becky and turned her back towards her "Maybe you should get dressed." So a very confused and hurt Becky went into the bathroom to get dressed.

Kat also dressed and sat on the foot of the bed waiting for Becky to come out. When she came out Kat saw a hurt and confused Becky so she patted the foot of the bed for her to sit; so she did "I'm sorry but did I do something wrong" Becky asked.

"No actually you were doing everything just right. I should be the one apologizing for starting something that I knew I couldn't finish right now. I want out first time together to be special, spending hours not minutes. It was not my intention to do that but you looked so lovely I just couldn't help myself; please forgive me" Kat said being very sincere "Besides I would like to get to know a little better first."

Then a smile came over Becky's face "You have nothing to apologize for, I wanted us to be together" she replied.

"And we will, I promise; but I have a Computer to upgrade later today and I have to be focused and not all fuzzy minded like I am right now around you" Kat explained then gave Becky a sweet kiss "How about we go and have some breakfast."

Becky nodded yes and the two good friends left for breakfast and walked downstairs into the Dining Room.



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