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A Day at the Races

Posted on Thu Jun 3rd, 2021 @ 3:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Paris
Timeline: current


Early the following day, after their night on the town, Marie messages Natashia and invites her to brunch before she heads back to space.

Sitting at an outdoor table at La Bossue, Marie smiles as she sees Natashia approach. "merci d'être venu mon ami, I hope you did not have troubles finding this place?"

Natasha smiled wide "Bien sûr! Merci pour les merveilleuses directions," she says in near perfect French.

Marie raises and eyebrow. "I did not know you spoke French madmoiselle."

"I have many hidden talents." She says playfully. "Thank you again so much for treating Feyd and I to dinner and a night on the town. We really needed it."

"Yes, after recent events, I would believe that all those who crew the Independence would need 'it'" replies Marie smiling back. "Please sit and enjoy the morning with me. I have ordered us coffee and croissants, and they have the most wonderful cherry marmalade here."

After Natashia takes a seat a waiter comes over and serves fresh coffee and a new plate of pastries.

"I am so happy you have come to be with me today, the time that we have spent together has been most enjoyable." Spreading freshly whipped butter on a croissant she continues "You and Feyd are a wonderful couple." Pausing for a moment "I wonder, are you both always so hesitant around each other?" Looking into Natashia's eyes she says "je m'excuse, Thomas says quite often that I am too direct at times and if I offend please forgive me."

Natasha stiffens at the comment, her mind racing. They had pretended to be a couple because no matter how many times both of them denied it, Thomas always just smiled knowingly and continued to treat them like they were. Now, it was obvious that Marie had caught on. Maybe she wouldn't be so dismissive of the truth.

"The truth is, Marie, Feyd and I aren't together." Was that sadness she heard in her own voice? "Thomas just always assumed that we were, and, well, it was easier to pretend to be one than to try to deny it again. Oh, I hope that you aren't offended by the ruse."

"Oh, you have no fear, I am not easily offended, have you met my husband?" smiling at the joke. "Perhaps you are too close to the good doctor to see, but to me it is obvious, the look in his eyes when he looks at you", holding up her coffee cup "ma douce fille." Realizing that this will be more work than expected, she moves on to phase two.

Putting down the cup with conviction, Marie slaps her knees and says "Bon" standing up "let us be going, we have reservations shortly." Stepping to the street and hailing a taxi.

"R...Reservations?" Natasha quickly downs the remains of her orange juice and follows Marie, a bit bewildered. Off to Spa Le Bristol they go.

Inside the cab, Natasha watches a waking Paris zip by. What did Marie mean when she said 'the way he looks at you?' They step out of the cab at the Spa and once again, skip the queue and head straight for the reception desk. Evidently Thomas's fame and connections were quite useful.

As they enter the spa, they are greeted by a well dressed man "ahhh Madame Jefferson, so good to see you again, it has been a very long time"

Smiling like she is greeting a family member she has not seen in some time they take each others arms and kiss each others cheeks "Franscois, my good friend, yes it has been too long, Thomas and I have been... traveling". Still holding his arm Marie turns and introduces Natashia "this is my friend, Natashia, and she is in NEED of a relaxing afternoon" smiling even broader as she stressed the word need.

Franscois steps up to Natashia and gently taking her hands in his leans in and kisses her cheeks as well "any friend of Marie's is a friend of Franscois and honored guest of Spa Le Bristol" turning he guides the two women past the reservations desk and into the spa bypassing others waiting to get signed in. As they walk, the extremely verbose Franscois explains to them the changes and additions to services that have been made over the past year.

Marie responds to that by simply saying "please, if it is not too much trouble, we will take the works."

Franscois turns and says "for you Madame, nothing is ever a trouble", as they get into the spa proper, Franscois waves over an attendant while making a fsst fsst sound, when he arrives he rapid fires off instructions in French that Natashia has trouble following. Taking Maries hands he kisses them and says "Pierre will take care of you during your stay, it is soo good to see you again Madame." with that he turns to go back to work managing the spa.

Natashia, completely out of her element, follows along as she is guided through the next few hours of decadent pampering by men and women who are there only to serve and create the best experience possible for her. Thinking to herself "a woman could definitely get used to this..."

While relaxing in the steam bath, Marie sighs deeply and says "aaaahhhh, I have needed this. I obviously did not consider what I would have to give up to travel the stars with Thomas."

Natashia opens an eye and looks at Marie "you are not happy on the Independence?"

Glancing over at Natashia "I would be happy on a desert island with only coconuts to eat so long as Thomas was there with me" smiling she says "you would be surprised at what he can make with a coconut..." leaning back to close her eyes again "I miss the sights, the smells, the sounds of my city gay Paris, and of course, the spa. I have not had a spa day since leaving Earth to travel the stars."

Confused Natashia responds "ummm, why not just schedule some time on the holodeck? I would think the computer could easily recreate Paris for you."

Opening her eyes again Marie looks over to Natashia "holodeck, what is that, I am not familiar with that."

Finally feeling a speck of superiority over this highly cultured woman she is with at knowing something she didn't she smiles to herself "well, Marie, when we return to the ship, it will be My turn to take you for a girls day out"

After a few hours of intense pampering, Natashia finds it almost impossible to get motivated to stand up and start moving again.

Stepping out of the spa, Natashia expects to be grabbing another taxi to return to the hotel they were staying at. Marie obviously had different intentions as she walked up to a limousine that was sitting in front of the hotel and a very polite chauffeur opens the door for her and she gets in, waving for Natashia to follow, pausing for only a moment she gets in.

"You didn't have to hire a limo to take me back to the hotel, I could have grabbed a taxi" says Natashia.

Smiling to the woman next to her Marie says "oh, well, I find that limo's are better than taxi's, it gives me an extra pair of hands to carry packages during shopping trips"

"?!? shopping trips?"

{a hotel}

Feyd looks at the clock, then at to the hotel room door, then back at the clock. It has been 5 hours since Natashia left to go have brunch with Thomas' wife. What could they possibly have ordered that takes that long to prepare?

{Maison sous les Etoiles}

Thomas glances at the clock on the wall of the kitchen and then goes back to preparing menu plans with his staff. Knowing his wife and her "spa" days, he probably wouldn't be seeing her until much later that evening. The divine goddess that would greet him at home was always worth the day of missing her presence in the kitchen.

{various high end clothing and accessory boutiques around Paris}

The next few hours are a whirlwind adventure of clothing, wine, chocolate, shoes and accessories as the two women sit and watch as models display various options to them and when they find something they like go through the fun of trying on - looking in the mirror - modeling in front of each other - accepting - rejecting - laughing - and in some cases buying what they have seen. Their chauffeur, ever polite (and quiet) being the pack mule for the packages that quickly fill his no longer free hands.

Having completed the shopping spree, Marie then brings Natashia to her makeover.

Hair, mani-pedi and makeup are all applied to the already beautiful woman, by the time the artisans are done with her, Natashia doesn't even recognize herself in the mirror.

Marie selects one of the dresses - a sea-green one to match her eyes - they bought earlier, with shoes and jewelry to match and accentuate her, for Natashia to wear. Stepping back to admire her work she smiles and the words "see if you can resist this..."

Natashia turns from admiring herself in the mirror and says "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that"

Marie blushes a bit not realizing she had spoken aloud "oh, nothing my dear, just that you look beautiful" nodding to herself that her plan was working perfectly "shall we get you back to the hotel? I am sure that Feyd is wondering where you are about now"

Noticing the time for the first time today, Natashia realizes that their quick brunch has turned into an almost 13 hour day of wild abandon in Paris. "Oh, my, where has the time gone? Yes I am sure he is wondering where I am".

Dropping Natashia off at her hotel, the chauffeur carries the multitude of packages in to a bellhop in the hotel and transfers them to the young man who wonders to himself who this famous woman is that has just entered the hotel. Returning to the limo, he drives Marie to her home on the outskirts of Paris.

Marie smiled to herself as she watched Natashia, nay, the new and improved goddess Natashia, enter the hotel. Now, to start planning the wedding...


Crewman Thomas Jefferson
Captain's Personal Chef
USS Independence


Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Independence


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