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Meeting An Old Flame

Posted on Wed Jun 2nd, 2021 @ 10:50pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Jupiter Station
Timeline: Current


After securing the ship, making sure her officers and crew were off the ship for the sweep, Mystery shouldered her duffel she’d need for a few days while on Jupiter Station. Picking up the case containing her lap top Mystery headed off the ship. A short time later she checked into her room on the station overlooking the planet. The view never got old, the swirling clouds and the big red spot had always been a sight to see.

Changing into a short black dress that fell above her knees, it was low cut in the front revealing just enough cleavage to make things interesting, slipping on a pair of three inch heels, Mystery headed out to meet Brad for a late dinner at the Rusty Nail, a restaurant that was one of the best ones on the station despite the name.

Brad had been sipping a glass of beer waiting for Mystery to arrive, spotting her enter from across the room he let out a low whistle and waived her over. Getting to his feet he pulled out her chair for her and gave her a kiss. Once she was seated Brad resumed his seat and reached over taking her hand “It’s good to see you again, how have you been?”

“Good, you know that ship I came in on?” Mystery asked

“I remember, the request to dock and the sweep came from Captain Ellis, so when did you get promoted and you not tell me?” Brad asked feigning hurt feelings.

“it happened suddenly,” Mystery said as the waiter came over to take their orders, once placed “My captain took another posting and field promoted me to captain.”

“You have an impressive ship and I can’t think of anyone better to command it than a former special ops officer,” Brad replied

“Except I need to remember that my people don’t know how the special ops work, we were under attack and I ordered a maneuver that we use all the time but this crew does not know those maneuvers and it resulted in a damaged ship,” Mystery commented taking a sip of her wine. “I should have piloted it myself or not done it at all.”

“Was anyone hurt?” Brad asked, seeing her shake her head he squeezed her hand “Don’t beat yourself up over it. Yes you made a mistake and it could have been worse. Next time you try a special opps maneuver remember your people may not know it. Now enough shop talk, I want to spend time with you now that you’re finally here.”

“I have this room with a large king size bed that is too big for one person, it overlooks the planet and I have a bottle of champagne on ice just waiting for someone to share it with and I have this slinky red lace teddy,” Mystery said smiling at him “Know of anyone who would like to share that bed, the champagne and see me in that teddy?”

Brad grinned “Not only see you in it but I’ll enjoy getting you out of it, tell me there’s a hot tub in that room too?”

“I guess you’ll have to come back with me and see,” Mystery teased “Unless you have a better offer?”

“Not a chance,” Brad said as their meals came. They ate in silence for a few minutes, when they finished Brad threw some money on the table and both got to their feet and headed out. They arrived at Mystery’s room a few minutes later. Kissing Brad she bragged the teddy and headed to the bathroom to change, returning a few seconds later in the teddy that left little to the imagation. Placing a hand on her hip.

“Well what do you think?” Mystery asked

Brad walked over to her “Your beautiful,” he told her as he began to kiss her and slowly removed the teddy kissing her all the while and gently shoved her onto the bed. Removing his own clothes he lowered himself onto her and continued kissing her as they made love.



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