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A New Look

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 @ 1:30pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather
Edited on on Sat Jun 5th, 2021 @ 1:48pm

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Jupiter Station
Timeline: Current



After returning from Earth the couple checked into a Hotel room, that Jamie had reserved prior to leaving, in case the Ship had not been cleared from the Sweep yet.

Heather and Jamie had spent an incredible night together discovering each other as they finally had the time make love to one another for the first time.

As they lay in bed together Jamie looked at Heather "Have I told you how much I love you" he asked.

Heather just smiled and gave him a kiss "Well not in the last ten minutes" she replied with a chuckle "But I'll never get tired of hearing it."

"And have I told you how gorgeous, ravishing, and sexy you look naked; just when I thought that you couldn't ever look any more beautiful, you surprise me" Jamie commented.

Heather looked into Jamie's blue eyes "You are the most caring and sweetest man that I've ever known; and you truly are the love of MY life" she replied "And you are an extremely handsome man; especially naked."

After some more time with each other Heather suggested "As nice as this is, how about if we shower and get dressed and go out somewhere for lunch and maybe see about some new clothes for you."

"That sounds like fun; I'd like to take my favorite girl out for awhile" Jamie replied.

So they showered and dressed, then left the Hotel.


When they arrived at the Promenade they found a nice little Pub to have lunch in so they went inside. Looking around Jamie found the perfect place to sit as he led Heather by the hand to their table. They ordered lunch and a drink, then ate while talking.

"You never did tell me what Caroline said at the house in Ireland" Heather wondered.

Hearing her question, Jamie had a big grin on his face "Caroline wanted to know if we had made love yet and I told her that I didn't kiss and tell."

Heather just chuckled "Now that's funny....considering last what was her reaction."

"Caroline saw right through my excuse and told me to hurry up before someone else beat me to it...her words not mine" Jamie explained.

Heather reached across the table and touched Jamie's face "Well that's not an issue anymore, now is it" she said with a smile.

"No I guess it isn't" he replied with a chuckle.

After they had finished lunch they left the Pub and walked around as Heather was on a mission. Then she saw a men's Clothier and they walked inside and started seeing what the store had to offer.

As they were looking around Heather commented "Let's if we can't find you a new look." Then Jamie replied "Your the boss."

After a couple of hours of looking around and trying on different clothes Heather was finally satisfied with Jamie's new wardrobe and the store had boxed up everything quite nicely; so the couple decided to go back to their room and just relax.


When they were back in their room, Jamie place the boxes on a chair, he then turned to Heather "So what would you like to do now, just relax?"

Heather walked up to Jamie with a smile on her face and kissed him very passionately then proceeded to unbutton his shirt "Yes...let's bed....naked" she suggested as they lovingly undressed one another. Soon they were both naked and back in bed together picking up right where they had previously left off a few hours earlier.

After awhile they lay in bed snuggled up together when Heather looked up at Jamie "You know, I could really get used to being together like this" she whispered.

"Me too" came the reply then he kissed her while caressing her lovely breasts "Me too." Then James decided to ask what had been on his mind for awhile now "I was wondering...that is to new quarters are so big.....I could really use a room mate...would you be interested" came the query.

Heather sat up and looked at Jamie "You serious....that's an awfully big step.....I don't know if I'm ready to give up my quarters....not that I wouldn't love being with you more often....can I think it over and let you know" she replied.

That wasn't exactly the answer that Jamie was looking for, but it was a start "Tell you what....first of all you wouldn't have to give up your quarters....and secondly consider this a standing invitation....think it over and when your ready to take the next big step then let me know....and please don't feel pressured.....but I would like more time like this with you" was his reply.

Heather looked in Jamie's blue eyes "Thank you for understanding and I will let you know my decision soon, I promise" then she gave Jamie a kiss.

After cuddling and caressing for a few more hours the couple fell asleep next to one another both being extremely happy.



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