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Time To Get Back To Work

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2021 @ 10:24pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Jupiter Station
Timeline: Current
Tags: Kat


Brad and Mystery spent a couple of days together, taking in sights on Earth, mule ride down into the Grand Caynnon, a trip to Niagara Falls, the Eiffel Tower and several other trips. But all good things must come to an end. They’d returned to the room on Jupiter Station so they could pack.

“I’ve enjoyed this and it’s what I needed,” Mystery said “I don’t know when I’ll return.”

Brad took her hands and leaned in to kiss her “I’m in command of this base so when you are able to return I’ll be here and who knows I may just head out and visit that ship of yours too.”

“You’d be welcome,” Mystery said taking a seat at the desk and opened her lap top to check messages “The sweep is done so that’s good news, repairs are nearly complete.”

“And the ship needs her captain,” Brad said “Let me know when your pulling out.”

Closing the lap top, Mystery put it in it’s case as she got to her feet and turned to face Brad “Where did we go wrong? We sucked as husband and wife but as friends we’re perfect for each other.”

“We were too young, we both wanted different things in our lives and we couldn’t make a marriage work, then you joined special forces and I took a different path. Now that we’ve found each other again we’ll see how things go this time. You have a ship who needs her captain and I have a space station to run.” Brad said picking up her duffel “I’ll walk you to the airlock.”

“My computer specialist needs to do an upgrade on things and now that the sweep is done she can,” Mystery said tapping her com-badge “Lieutenant Zebot this is the captain, the sweep is done your clear to head to the ship and do the upgrades we spoke of.”

They walked from the room they’d shared and headed for the air lock that led to the Independence, once there Mystery turned to Brad “Let’s have dinner before I pull out, the repairs are nearly done so we should plan dinner tomorrow. Board my ship and I’ll cook for you.”

“Deal and I’ll bring the wine,” Brad said hugging her as Mystery turned and walked down the air lock and back onto the Independence.



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