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Upgrade Time

Posted on Sat Jun 5th, 2021 @ 11:23am by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot
Edited on on Sat Jun 5th, 2021 @ 11:34am

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



Kat and Becky had just finished breakfast when Kat received a call from Captain Ellis informing her that the sweep was complete and she could return to the Ship to proceed with the Computer upgrade.

Kat thought that she should be going right away. Then she looked at Becky "Looks like it's time to get to work; we can walk back to the Ship together" Kat said.

So the now two good friends grabbed their duffles and made their way back to the Independence; Kat was excited about starting the upgrade.


When they were back aboard Becky turned to Kat "I don't know a lot about Computers but I'd be glad to lend a hand, if you'd like" came a hopeful request."

Thanks, but I have a routine that I use for upgrades so I should have it completed in about four hours; but thanks for the offer though" Kat replied not wanting to hurt Becky's feelings "I tell you what, after I'm finished maybe we could get together later for supper and get to know each other know just sit and talk....that is if you'd like too."

Becky's expression turned from disappointed to one of happiness "Yes I'd like to hang out later; you can come my quarters when your done." Kat nodded and the two new friends parted ways as Kat walked to Engineering.


Once in Engineering Kat breathed a sigh of relief that Becky was not there. As much as she enjoyed her time with Becky, it would have been way too much of a distraction seeing that sweet body so close by. Now it was time to focus.

Lieutenant Zebot looked around for T'Sol but didn't see him anywhere "Must still off Ship" she thought so she retrieved the new software out of her bag along with a scanner. As much as she trusted Chief Zeb and his work; Kat had always scanned the new software just to make sure it was clean which would take about twenty minutes.

While the scanner was doing it's thing, Kat went to the Main Computer and transferred the critical systems to the two redundant Computers before shutting it down. Kat checked the scanner and the software was clean so she proceeded to shut down the main system. She waited a few minutes as she watched the code from the backup terminal just to make sure everything was as it should be. Kat was glad that she had picked the Chiefs brain back at the Station about any quirks that the Type 5, Bio-Neural Processing Core may have, her old Ship had a Type 4, because the manuals rarely had such information and Kat wanted the upgrade to go without a hitch.

Kat took a deep breath "Ok, here we go" as she started to download LCARS 6.5 into the Main Computer which would take about an hour to download; Kat was watching the terminal like a hawk, making sure every piece of code was doing what it was supposed to be doing. Now all she could do was wait until the download was complete.

The download was finished; now came the fun part. Kat removed the software module from the Computer and placed it in the secure area on the shelf nearby, she would have to remember to show Ensign T'Sol where the module was just as a security measure.

Kat logged onto the system with Administrator Privileges and began to configure the system. Her hands flew across the keyboard as she typed in all kinds of different commands; her hands could barely keep up with her mind. After she was done Kat shut down the system for five minutes before going any further.

Now came the moment of truth....Kat rebooted the Computer then waited "Come on" her heart was in her mouth when moments later the Computer came to life "That a girl; come on do your thing." Kat waited for the Computer to completely get up and running, then she resigned back in and ran manually a host fo diagnostic tests and watched the results coming up on the terminal.

After about an hour of tests, a relieved Kat was almost satisfied with the upgrade. There was just one more thing left to do "Computer run a quick self diagnostic comparing the old parameters to the new parameters" was the request. After about ten minutes "Diagnostic complete the storage capacity has gone from 1145 Terra Quads to 1500 Tera Quads; the processing speed has gone from 645,000 ExaFlops to 750,000 ExaFlops" the Computer replied.

A pleased Kat moved the critical systems from the two redundant computers back to the Main Computer then waited for several minutes. When she was satisfied with everything thus far, she brought all Ship's systems back online through the system one at a time. Then Kat ran one last series of diagnostics just to be on the safe side; while that was going on she upgraded both redundant systems which was much easier than the main system.

Shortly everything was all set and the USS Independence had now been upgraded to the latest and greatest LCARS System. Hopefully the Captain and Crew would appreciate the increase processing speed and storage. Kat checked and the whole process was done start to finish in three hours and fifty minutes...not too shabby.

Tapping her Comm "Captain Ellis this is Lieutenant Zebot the Computer upgrade is finished and all is well" a very satisfied Kat said.

After everything was all set Kat had a thought " That scumbag that approached me on Jupiter Station is going to be pissed when he realizes that I kept my word about not adding his favor into the Ship's Computer. I'll just have to deal with the fallout if or when it happens; hopefully it won't cost me my career."

Now it was time to get back to her quarters for a shower and a fresh change of clothes. Then Kat would swing by Becky's quarters for supper and some friendly conversation.

Little did Kat know that her decision to not be involved any further in the scumbags dealings would be the best decision that she would ever make. The scumbag would have to find another way to get his revenge on the Independence....and no doubt Lord Tyveris would figure something out.


Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Computer Systems Specialist
USS Independence


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