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Meeting A Friend

Posted on Mon Jun 7th, 2021 @ 11:29am by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Shore Leave
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Current


{Kat's Quarters}

It had been a very busy day, and somewhat stressful, between breakfast with Becky and completing the Computer upgrade that could not have gone any better. Now it was time for a relaxing shower then go meet a friend and hang out for awhile.

When she stepped out of the shower she couldn't help but think what a nice, sweet person that Becky was; along with that sweet body of hers. Kat was now off duty and decided to dress in some comfortable clothes. Looking in her dresser Kat found a pair of short shorts and a top which would do nicely; along with a pair of sandals. The short shorts gave an illusion of Kat being all legs, which she rather enjoyed. Now for a splash of her favorite perfume and her look was complete. So off she went.

{Becky's Quarters}

Kat palmed the door chime and Becky opened the door to let her new friend in “Hi Kat, please come in” a very happy Becky said.

Kat walked in as the door shut behind her and the two friends looked at each other and began to giggle.
Then Kat commented “This is freaky, I guess great minds do think alike.” It just so happened that both of them were dressed in similar attire and Kat couldn't help but notice that Becky looked even sweeter dressed like that. Little did Kat know that this was not Becky's first time attracting a new friend.

“Please have a seat on the couch, dinner is almost ready and I took the liberty of pouring you a brandy” Becky said. So she sat and sipped her brandy waiting for Becky to return with dinner since breakfast had been a long time ago.

Becky soon returned with dinner and the two of them ate and got to know one another better. Kat told Becky about what had happened to her at the Academy; well sort of, she did manage to leave out some gruesome details. Becky in return told her about her experience at the Academy; well sort of. When dinner was over the dishes were cleared and Becky returned with another Brandy for each of them.

The two friends sat and talked, with a few laughs thrown in, for the next few hours getting to know each other better. Then Becky asked “I don't think you ever told me where you were from Kat.”

Kat thought wondering the best way to explain things to her new friend “I'm from Regalia, it's a planet with what is called heavy gravity. Which means that being a Regalian I appear to be much stronger than a non Regalian” then Kat continued “So that being said I have to be careful when I come into physical contact with someone that I don't hurt them physically.”

“Oh, I see. Sounds like a not so good thing” Becky replied “So what about being intimate with me for example....should I be worried.”

Kat looked at a troubled Becky “Not to worry, for some reason I can be intimate with a women and I'm fine. I don't loose control like I do with a man. So you really don't have to worry. I've have been with a couple of different women and have been just fine.”

“While we're getting to know each other better, where are you from” Kat inquired.

Becky smiled “I'm from Earth; from a place called the United States....well actually from Kentucky to be more precise” she replied.

Then a very relieved look came over Becky's face “That's so good to hear about your situation, especially if we decide to explore the whole playmate thing at some point” Becky said with a smile. So the two talked for a while longer, then a silent awkward moment arrived.

Becky moved closer to Kat “Would you mind if I kissed you” Becky asked.

Kat smiled “Only if you promise not to try and seduce me” Kat said with a giggle.

Looking at Kat “I make no promises” Becky replied with a giggle. Then the two kissed rather passionately for quite some time.


Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Computer Systems Specialist
USS Independence


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