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Posted on Sun Jun 13th, 2021 @ 8:41am by Captain Mystery Ellis & Commander Jamie O'Connell & Commander Charles Gillespie VII & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Brooks Balrog & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Crewman Thomas Jefferson

Mission: Star Base Mercury And ????
Location: Conference Room
Timeline: Current


This will begin our new mission. Practical jokes will happen too. If you don't want your character to be included please let me know otherwise all is fair game and please play along and don't solve it.


{Conference Room}

Mystery closed the order from Cyndi and leaned back in her seat. The orders were clear. Tapping her com-badge "Will the following officers and crew report to the conference room, Commander O'Connell, Commander Gillespie, Doctor Relor, Lieutenant Balrog, Crewman Jefferson, And Lieutenant Zebot. We have new orders."

Mystery walked into the conference room carrying a large tray of cookies she'd made along with two pitchers of Ice Tea and waited for her officers and crew to arrive.

Commander O'Connell just so happened to be on his way to the Bridge when he received the Captains call. Jamie exited the Lift and made his way into the Conference Room.

O'Connell was the first to arrive and he greeted Mystery "Good morning Captain" then he spotted a tray of cookies sitting on the table as he remarked "Cookies....I didn't have a chance to eat breakfast....I was running late this morning...these will go good with my coffee." Jamie grabbed a couple cookies and sat at the table waiting for the other's to arrive while enjoying his coffee and cookies.

A few minutes later Lieutenant Zebot arrived and addressed the room "Good Morning Captain, Commander; how's everyone doing today" she inquired with her smile.

"Good Lieutenant and you" Jamie asked "And how did the Computer upgrade go; well I hope."

"I'm doing fine and the upgrade went very well. You should see a big difference in the time it takes the Computer to perform a task" she explained.

"That's great to hear; faster is certainly better especially if we're in a Red Alert situation" Jamie replied "And speaking of, have you had a chance to become familiar with Tactical yet,"

"Yes I have Commander, I'm good to go in that area. Also I've already had a Tactical/Security meeting which went very well; now they know what I expect from them" Kat replied.

"Great, sounds like you have things well in hand as I expected you would" Jamie answered.

Kat looked at Jamie with a smile "Thank you Commander for your confidence in my abilities."


"Excuse me, crewman," Balrog interrupted.

"Yes, Lieutenant?"

"Where is the conference room?"

"Oh hey man," Feyd said, walking up on an all too familiar situation. "I'm on my way there now. Follow me."

The doctor had just left engineering, where he was picking up some phase regulators. Balrog wasn't even on the right deck. "You feeling ok?"

Balrog scrubbed a hand through his hair, further dishevling it. " Yeah, yeah, just....."

"Just?" Feyd prompted.

Balrog leaned in conspiratorially. "Have you ever felt... not you?"

They got on the turbolift and Feyd touched him with his tricorder, the latest technology. It was a thumbprint sized scanner that fed data to a holographic projector above his wrist. As he read the readout, his eyebrows rose in alarm. "Uhhhh, I better do some more scans...after the briefing."

{Conference Room}

Feyd entered the briefing room, Balrog following him in like a lost puppy.

Mystery checked the time "We might as well begin, I can always bring the others up to speed once they arrive. We've been given new orders. Star Base Mercury is being put into service. According to information it's a complete disaster. Our job is to clean it up and get it ready for use. I have no idea how bad it is but we do need to be ready for anything. Any questions?"

"Not a question, but a request; Captain, with your permission, I'd like to lead the away team to the Star Base for an inspection of the basic systems. Included in the away team I'd like to have a small armed Security detail along with Lieutenant Zebot and Ensign T'Sol if I may" Jamie explained.

"That's not a bad idea as we don't know what could be over there. Science when we're in range full scan of the base and surrounding space. I want to know what is out there," Mystery said.

"Yes, ma'am," Chuck answered.

Feyd spoke up. "Are there any personnel on the Starbase?"

"Hopefully not Doctor, it's been abandoned for some time. When Science does their scan they should be able to detect if there are any life signs present as well as determine if the Base can even support life at all" O'Connell replied.

"According to Commodore Song the base is in need to a lot of repairs and cleaning. Anyone else have any questions or comments?" Mystery asked

"Yes I have one question Captain" Lieutenant Zebot asked "Do you know if Star Base Mercury was originally a Starfleet installation or was it built by another race; knowing that may help me figure out the Star Base's Computer System quicker."

"That's all the information the commodore shared with me. I suggest be ready for anything. The base is a few light years from the nearest planet in a sector of space that not much is known about. What I do know is it's in once piece," Mystery said

After hearing the Captain's explanation Kat just nodded while thinking "I love a good challenge!"

"Any other questions or comments?" Mystery asked Not hearing any. "Okay dismissed, you all know what your supposed to do."

{Jefferson Quarters}

Marie looks over at her husband as he is working on the evenings menu for the captain. "Aren't you going to the meeting 'crewman' Jefferson?"

Doing a double take as he looks up as his wife "What?"

"'Crewman' Jefferson" laughing a bit at that name "you were summoned to the conference room for a meeting"

For a smart person, sometimes he can be not very bright at times "what are you talking about? I'm not in Starfleet" as he turns back to his meal planning.

"Crewman Jefferson" giggling a bit more and shaking her head as she goes back to her crossword puzzle.



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