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Meeting The Team

Posted on Wed Jun 9th, 2021 @ 4:29pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Star Base Mercury And ????
Location: Tactical Meeting Room
Timeline: Current


Lieutenant Zebot wanted to meet the Tactical/Security Team not only to introduce herself but also to set down a few ground rules as well. Soon her Team filed into the meeting room wondering what their new, if only temporary, boss was going to be like.

"Please if you all could have a seat we'll get started " the Lieutenant ordered. Then everyone found a seat wondering what was coming next.

"Good Morning, My name is Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot. I've been assigned to the Independence as a Computer Systems Specialist; I'll also double as the Tactical/Security Chief until such time as Lieutenant Lance returns" Kat explained "There are a few things that you should know about me."

"First of all I'm from Regalia, a planet with heavy gravity. For those of you who don't know what that means that I have twice, if not more, the strength of a non-Regalian person...male or female. Why am I telling you this, so you don't do something stupid like grabbing me which may result in you ending up with broken bones" she explained.

"Secondly don't expect me to be like Lieutenant Lance, my managing style is probably different than his. Although I do expect nothing less than your very best every time your on duty; no exceptions. So keep that in mind when you decide to go out with your buddies and get shit faced" Kat said.

Then Kat noticed two of the Crewman talking to each other so Kat walked over to them and stood there for a moment, suddenly the room became real quiet "Crewman, am I boring you? That is extremely rude while I'm talking so feel free; either zip it or get the hell out of my room and I'll see to it that you're moved to another department. Do I make myself Clear Crewman" by this time all eyes were on the talking Crewman and right now they felt really small "Begging your pardon Ma'am, we apologize for the interruption; it won't happen again."

Kat turned and smiled to herself; she had just received the respect from the entire room that she would need to run an efficient department. Then she turned and continued " Lastly If you need something important, please don't hesitate to let me know. You'll probably find me in either of three places: the Bridge, Engineering, or the CTO's Office; although I doubt I'll be spending much time there." Kat actually heard a chuckle from her team which means they were listening to her.

"Any questions before we dismiss" Kat asked then a hand went up. "Yes Crewman.'

"We were wondering what our next mission would be Lieutenant" he asked.

"I haven't heard anything yet; but this is Starfleet after all, so I don't think the Brass will let us sit idle very long " Kat commented then heard another chuckle from the Crewman. "As soon as I found out anything then I will pass the word on to you. If Tactical/ Security is needed then I'll expect everyone to be on their A game."

"If there're are no other questions, then thank you all for coming; your dismissed to go back to your assigned duties."

Everyone stood and filed out of the room except for the chatty Crewman "Lieutenant, again we'd like to apologize for earlier, that was pretty stupid of us." "Yes it was, no worries, just don't ever do that again." Kat said with a smile "No Lieutenant we won't."

Then the Crewman left and went back to their duties.

Kat grabbed her PADD and started for the Bridge thinking "That actually went quite well. I think I'll do just fine doing both jobs."


Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Acting Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence


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