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Making It Official

Posted on Fri Sep 24th, 2021 @ 3:55pm by Lieutenant JG Billi & Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Updates And Character Development
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: Current


OOC: Thought I would start the JP in case your busy. Doesn't need to be long but it will help with continuity story wise.

The Commander was in his Office writing up the last of the reports to send to Star Fleet Headquarters. When he was finished he wanted to make Billi an official member of the Independence. Tapp his Comm "Billi this Commander O'Connell please report the the XO's office please" he requested. Now he would wait for the newest member of the Crew to arrive.

Now feeling better after stepping into a sonic shower clothes and all, letting the machine clean her entirely, head to toe. Lift arms and hygiene products are applied per request. Billi found a deck schematic and stopped in front of it. She was still only wearing the Starfleet black fatigue pants and tank top, her full equipment belt bristling with weapons. The crew all gawked a bit as they passed, and not all because how she was dressed. It was good to be Orion. The summons from the Executive Officer came over the speakers. Reaching up behind her left earlobe, beneath it, she felt the bump for the subdermal implant. "On my way, Commander. Out." Billi pressed the implant again and the comm closed.

Arriving at the office Billi stepped within, having been summoned. With crisp steps she came before his desk, between the two guest chairs. Going to attention, then parade rest before she spoke. "Lieutenant JG, officially, Billi. Starfleet officer, primary department Intelligence, Sir."

"Lieutenant JG Billi, it's nice to see you again and please have seat and relax....I don't bite" the Commander said with a smile trying to put her at ease "I've just received transfer orders for you from Star Fleet Headquarters and wanted a chance to speak."

Jamie thought for a moment "So Billi, if I may call you that, tell me a little bit about yourself" he said.

The moment O'Connell said to relax and take a seat Billi did just that, releasing a bit more air than necessary as she did so. "Thanks for the chair, Sir." Her head turned this way and that, her eyes going far away a few times, crooked grins showing here and there. A quirky grin remained as she responded. "Well, let's see. For the first part of my life I was the daughter of a clan chief in the Orion Syndicate, my mother Sinzi. To say I learned some skills in those days would be an understatement. After decades of criminal activity I got bored with it, tired of being seen as a sly, not to be trusted being simply due to my race and skin color. And, I have learned to control my pheromones. We don't need the males aboard killing each other to please me." Billi gave a single chuckle at that thought.

Looking up into Jamie's eyes, Billi went on. "So, having read all I could of the dashing Captain Kirk, I decided I would join Starfleet and change the image of my people, to show we have as much honor and pride as anyone else. Plus, with who I am I have a very particular skill set. Hence, why I was transferred into Intelligence. And--umm, here we are." She grinned innocently, with none showing behind her eyes. A masterful manipulator proving her point.

"That certainly's a very interesting history that you have and I'm sure Intelligence, and specifically infiltration specialist, suits you being able to draw on your past" Jamie concluded "I'd also like to thank you for looking out for our Captain when you were on that Ship."

O'Connell thought for a moment before making his next point "So now that you're a member of our Crew, you will need to wear a proper uniform while on duty; an Intelligence uniform would probably be your best option even though you have a secondary position on the Ship" he explained "Do you have any questions at this time?"

Billi stood and did look down at herself briefly. "Yes, Sir. I intend to wear a proper uniform. This is all I have, so I went sonic shower to at least be presentable for the crew."

She had paused and allowed him to speak and his last question had Billi raise a hand, the first digit up as if to say 'one thing'. "Umm, is there any way I can transfer another officer here, too, Sir? She's my partner out here and is close by. Another Intel officer like myself. She already has permission from Starfleet Intel, and Klingon Intelligence to transfer as a member of this crew. She is a Starfleet Lt. JG, Sir." Billi paused and just when she thought he was going to speak, she interrupted politely. "I'll give you free belly dance, Commander, in trade for her transfer. We're a hell of a team." She stood casually in front of his desk, even showing a slight hint of swagger.

The Commander was a little taken back by Billi's last comment but decided to take it with a grain of salt "My apologies, I didn't know that was all you have to wear. As for another Crew member, I'll run it by the Captain and if she agrees then yes by all means we can always use more Intel people and I'm sure you're a very good team. If she is half as good as you seem to be, then we would have one hell of a Intel team" Jamie stated "As far as the belly dance, as much as I appreciate the offer, I don't think my better half would approve."

Billi was deeply thankful and, could tell that what she had offered had been taken badly. "Apologies, Commander. I am Orion and such offers are currency in our culture. I'll remember to curb that in the future. And, thank you for your support on this. It is much appreciated. Good evening, Sir." Standing tall and straight enough to give him a nod of respect, she then spun on her heel and left the XO's office.

After Billi left his Office, Jamie sat looking over her transfer papers seeing that everything was in order. When he was finished he thought about their conversation and felt bad that he had not realized about the Orion culture. The Crew of the Ship were from such diverse cultures that it was tough to keep up with all the different nuances for each. Jamie would try and make it up to Billi by convincing the Captain to approve her request.



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