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We're At Jupiter Station

Posted on Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 @ 1:41pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Updates And Character Development
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


After another good night’s sleep and another hot shower Mystery felt more like her old self. There were still a couple of sore spots but considering what she’d been through and the skill of Doctor Relor the injuries were healed and the soreness would fade. Changing into her uniform Mystery pulled her hair into a ponytail and headed for the bridge. Stepping onto the bridge a few minutes later much to the delight of her officers who all shouted welcome back to her.

Walking over to the center seat Mystery looked at everyone as they waited for orders. “Thank you everyone for the welcome, but it’s I who should be thanking you for not giving up on me and great risk to this ship in getting me back, and yes I know about the Dauntless helping. That said what’s our ETA to Jupiter Station?”

“ETA captain is about an hour,”

“Maintain course and speed,” Mystery said taking her seat, her yeoman handed her a couple of reports that needed her attention and a large thermo mug of coffee “Thank you Molly,”

**** **** ****

An hour later:

“Captain we’re on approach to Jupiter Station,” helm announced

“Slow to one quarter impulse, communications hail the station and inform them we’re requesting permission to dock,” Mystery ordered

“Slowing to one quarter impulse,” helm responded

“Captain I have the station,” communications announced

“On screen,” Mystery ordered

“You’re on captain,”

The image of the captain of Jupiter Station appeared, seeing Mystery he smiled “It’s good to see you,” Harold said

“Likewise,” Mystery replied “I’d like permission to dock for some repairs and upgrades.”

Harold did some checking “Your cleared to dock in docking bay ten, if your engineers need any assistance let my people know and Mystery it’s good to see you and the Independence. Welcome home.”

“Thank you Harold,” Mystery answered as the screen went back to showing the now large image of Jupiter Station with the planet beyond it. “Helm take us in, open docking clamps and steady as she goes.”

Several minutes later the ship slid smoothly into the docking ring as the clamps and supports engaged to hold the ship in place.

“Open ship communications,” Mystery said getting to her feet

“It’s open captain,”

“All hands this is the captain we’ve docked at Jupiter station, the ship will be going through some minor upgrades and a few minor repairs. Standard shore leave rotations are in effect now. We should be here a week possibly two, after what we’ve all been through we all need this. Shuttles to Earth, Earth’s Moon and any other planet or moons in the system are good to travel to. If you leave Jupiter Station via shuttle make sure the ship knows where you’re at. I’ll be in my ready room for a short time. That as they say I all folks and jobs well done. Captain out.”


We’re officially in character development. New mission will be worked up and up hopefully Monday until then have fun doing some character development. This was a fun mission and we know Renault will be back one day.


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