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A Surprising Date

Posted on Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot & Lieutenant JG Valentina Ferron
Edited on on Wed Sep 22nd, 2021 @ 4:44pm

Mission: Updates And Character Development
Location: Various
Timeline: Current




Since this was the first day of Shore Leave Gabriella Dubois figured a lot of people would be on Jupiter Station, so she took the opportunity to book a few hours in one of the Holo Decks hoping that Katlyn would join her. They never did get to have that drink or spend any time together due to everything that they had been through the past week.

Tapping her Comm “Lieutenant Zebot this is Ensign Dubois, I was wondering if you would like to spend some time together” Gabriella asked being quite hopeful that the answer would be yes.

Katlyn was very pleased to hear Gabriella's voice “Yes I'd like that...what did you have in mind” she replied.

Gabriella smiled to herself being very happy at the moment “I have a surprise for me at Holo Deck One at thirteen hundred...bring a swim suit with you, you'll need it.” she said.

“Oh that sounds like fun....ok I'll see you then” Katlyn replied.

{Holo Deck One}

Gabriella arrived first and queried the Computer “Please initiate Dubois Seven” came the request. “Dubois Seven initiated” came the rely.

Soon Katlyn showed up all excited about the surprise “Hi what's the surprise” Kat asked.

Momentarily the doors opened and the two girls stepped inside. There was this beautiful sandy beach with a light breeze blowing and very warm temperatures with the sun shining brightly. The ocean waves rolling in gently against the sandy shores.

Katlyn smiled at Gabriella “It's so beautiful here, but it is a little warm” she stated.

Gabriella smiled back “Yes it's quite warm...that's why I said to bring a swim suit....we can go change in those two grass huts over there” she instructed “I thought we might relax and lay on the beach for awhile.”

The two girls each went into a hut and changed in their suits. Gabriella came out first wearing a string bikini which only covered what was essential and left very little to the imagination with her long hair in a ponytail.

Katlyn came out moments later wearing a string bikini also but her's covered a little more of her essentials. She looked at Gabriella “ That's some look amazing” she stated.

“Thank look pretty amazing yourself” she replied. The two girls walked to the beach and laid out a beach towel then proceeded to lay down. After several minutes Gabriella looked at Katlyn and smiled “You don't mind if I take off my top and let the 'girls' get some sun do you” she asked. But before Kat could answer she removed her top and laid on her back to soak up some sun.

Katlyn looked at Gabriella's gorgeous naked body and decided she had better lay down before she did something that she may regret. After a few minutes went by Gabriella looked over at Kat smiling “Perhaps you'd like to remove your top get some sun” she said with a coy smile “Or are you the shy type.”

Katlyn smiled back then removed her top as well stating “No....I'm not shy at all.” Gabriella smiled back at Katlyn “That's nice to hear.” The two girls laid on the beach topless for awhile enjoying the sun and the warm breeze blowing over their partly naked bodies.

Gabriella realized that their time here was almost up as she sat up and grabbed her top and put it back on “Katlyn would you mind tying me back up?” So Katlyn sat up and did what was asked of her. When she was finished she couldn't help herself and kissed the nape of Gabriella's neck very tenderly. She turned and looked at Katlyn “Your a very sweet girl...I like sweet girls” she whispered with a smile. “Here let me tie you up now” so Katlyn put her top back on and Gabriella did the same; then she kissed Katlyn's neck a few times as she enjoyed her touch.

They went into the huts and changed back into their street clothes and walked out of the Holo Deck. Gabriella stopped “Computer end program” came the request. The two girls were walking back towards their quarters when Katlyn stopped and looked at Gabriella “I would love to take you out for that drink we never had if you would like” she said.

A surprised Gabriella answered “That would be nice....where did you have in mind?”

“There is a nice Pub on the Station that I found out about on my last trip there; they're supposed to have really good food as well....dress casual and I'll meet you at your place in...let's say forty five minutes” Katlyn said.

A very happy Gabriella replied “Yes I'll see you's a date” she then hoped that she hadn't just said too much. Katlyn smiled as the two went back to their own quarters to change for a night out.

The girls met at Gabriella's place then proceeded to go to a Transporter Room and beamed down to the surface.

{Jupiter Station}


When they arrived Gabriella was dressed quite casually in a pair of denim blue pants and a half shirt with her mid drift showing off her gorgeous Parisian skin. Katlyn was wearing a pair of dark brown leather pants along with a white knit top which showed off her curves beautifully.

The two girls walked into a very nice Pub which was sort of small but very warm and inviting. They walked up to the bar and ordered their drinks. The Bartender asked “Are you two ladies going to sit at the Bar or would you prefer a table.”

Gabriella answered “I think we'll sit at a table and we would also like to order something to eat” she stated.

“Very well, I'll send over our Hostess in a few minutes and she'll take your order” the Bartender replied.

The two friends found a table in the corner and with drinks in hand went and sat. Shortly the Hostess came over “Here is a menu.....what would you ladies like to eat” she asked.

Gabriella smiled after looking at the menu "We would like your deep fried platter with a variety of dipping sauces to share please” she replied. The Hostess smiled “Wonderful choice, I be back shortly with your food.”

So the two sat and talked as their food arrived. The platter consisted of deep fried mozzarella sticks, long potatoes, onion rings, dill pickles, and chocolate cookies with a white cream in the middle. The friends sat and talked while enjoying the food which was deep fried to perfection.

After some conversation and food Katlyn had to ask “Gabriella where are you from originally.” Gabriella smiled “Please call me Gabby....that's what my close friends call me. To answer your question I'm from France.....on planet Earth....well more specifically Laon which is a small town just north of Paris. How about you, where are you from Katlyn” she inquired.

Katlyn smiled “And please call me Kat, that's what my friends call me. I'm from Regalia and lived in the Northern hemisphere” she replied with a smile.

A quite surprised Gabby answered “Regalia....isn't that the planet with heavy gravity.....which would make you very strong compared to other people.”

“Yes, we have heavy gravity and your right....I'm stronger than most people....including most men” Kat explained.

Gabby had this really strange look on her face when she commented “I guess I probably shouldn't have pulled that stunt on you at the beach with removing our tops then.”

Kat just smiled as she lightly placed her hand over Gabby's hand “Believe me when I tell you....I would never hurt you physically....also I'm able to control my strength very well. And while we're on the subject what was that all about anyway.....not that I minded seeing your gorgeous body” she replied with a smile.

But before Gabby could give her an answer these two guys walked over to the table “Hey there ladies mind if we join you” one of the men said.

Kat looked at them both figuring they were locals and not really much to look at....probably had way too much to drink when Gabby answered “Yes we do mind actually...we're in the middle of a private conversation” she explained.

Not really caring to hear that, one of them replied “Oh come on ladies, let's have some fun.”

Kat looked at a horrified Gabby, who was not happy with the present situation, and smiled warmly deciding to have some fun with these two guys. Turning to the one man she said “I tell you what if you can beat me in arm wrestling then the both of us will spend the entire night with you guys anyway you like....twosome, threesome, or a're's shake on it” as Kat gave the wimpiest handshake that she possibly could.

The one guy whispered to the other “Oh man this is going to be a fun night and I'll take the one with the long brown hair and big boobs.” Then he proceeded to sit down by Kat.

After the guy sat, Kat looked at him warmly “You ready” she said as she put her arm on the table then smiled at Gabby.

The guy assumed the position and grabbed Kat's hand and squeezed which didn't phase Kat in the slightest. As the guy began to exert force Kat just smiled while holding his arm steady at the starting position. As he exerted more force Kat countered it then smiled “Well anytime your ready there Stud” she said still smiling. The guy didn't know quite what to do. After several more minutes Kat was getting bored with this whole situation and decided to put an end to it. Not wanting to totally embarrass
the poor slob Kat slowly forced the mans arm down onto the table top.

His friend looked at him in total shock not believing what had just happened “How the hell did you let this broad beat you at arm wrestling” his friend asked. “Oh shut the hell up...let's get out of here” came the reply as the two guys now being totally embarrassed left the Pub.

Kat looked at a relieved Gabby smiling “See, problem solved” she said with a chuckle.

Gabby smiled back “Well I'm sure glad you beat those slime balls, the thought of spending one second let alone an entire night with either of them made my skin crawl” she replied “And how exactly did you know you would win anyway.”

“Easy....I knew he wasn't Regalian....both of them were to punny to be from my planet....our men are much taller and quite a bit I knew I would win with no problem. But to get back to my question from earlier, what was with the removing of our tops at the beach” Kat asked.

“First of all I'm sorry....I probably shouldn't have done that....although you are very sexy looking that way...I just wanted to see exactly what type of person you are....and you certainly didn't disappoint me” Gabby explained.

Kat had an odd look on her face “I'm not sure I follow” she replied.

Gabby smiled “Let me explain. When you saw me topless, you didn't make a big deal out of it. Had you been all over me, then I would have known what you really wanted. The fact that you didn't speaks volumes about your character which I was impressed with; and even more so now that I know about your strength” she commented “It's been a long time since I've had a close friend; probably because I'm very particular who I spend my free time with.”

Kat placed her hand over Gabby's “First off.....that's not the type of person I am....and secondly I would never do anything to ruin our means too much to me to be with a girl like you....something that I've been waiting for, for a long time” she replied being all smiles.

Gabby looked into Kat's beautiful blue eyes “Hearing you say that makes me very happy....but I want to take things slow and really get to know one another so we can have a real solid friendship before anything else” she stated hoping Kat felt the same way.

“That's fine with me....I think being very good friends first before anything else is a good thing. Although just to let you know it took every ounce of willpower I had not to have my hands all over you on the just looked so gorgeous topless” she replied with a smile.

The two friends ordered another drink each as they continued to talk and laugh until Kat commented “Where did you learn to fly like're really a very good pilot.”

Then Gabby explained how she had come to learn how to fly “So flying the Independence comes naturally after so many years of practice” she concluded “So tell me how did you get involved in it because of your strength?”

“Actually my first love is computers, so when I went to the Academy that's what I majored in. After awhile I became bored and added Tactical as my secondary major. I was initially assigned to the Ship as a Computer Systems Specialist but when the Tactical Chief went to work for Fleet Headquarters then I took on Tactical as well; which was supposed to be for a short time until he returned. After a few months the old Chief accepted a permanent position with them, so here I am still doing both jobs” Kat explained.

“Wow, I'm quite don't often see anyone doing two major jobs aboard a Ship” Gabby commented.

Kat just smiled “Well it helps when you have a vey high I.Q. And a photographic memory.”

“Actually that's kind of funny since you don't strike me as the brainy type” Gabby replied.

“So what type do I strike you as” Kat said with a coy smile.

“Just a very cute and sexy girl that I am happy to call my friend” she commented.

After that comment there were a few silent awkward moments before the two girls started talking once again which lasted for a few more hours along with a couple more drinks.


Gabby and Kat realized it was getting late so the two friends beamed back to the Ship and Gabby walked Kat back to her place. “Thank you for a very nice day...I had a really nice time with you” Kat commented then gave her a kiss.

“I had a very nice time too...would you like to hangout tomorrow...maybe do a bit of shopping or something” Gabby asked “Maybe around eleven at my place.”

“Yes I'd really like that and yes eleven hundred at your place is fine” Kat replied, then Gabby gave Kat a tender kiss goodnight before returning home leaving Kat with a big smile on her face.



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