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Time To Relax

Posted on Fri Sep 24th, 2021 @ 9:00pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: Updates And Character Development
Location: Mystery's House On Earth's Moon
Timeline: Current


Once the ship was settled in dock, permissions given for the repair crews and Jupiter Station's engineers to work on the ship and sensitive areas were closed and secured it was time for her to get some time away and get the break she needed. Leaving word with Jupiter Station and the Independence as to where she was going to be and if needed to feel free to stop by her moon house.

Boarding the shuttle Mystery fired the engines checked for space traffic and headed for Earth's Moon and the house she kept there for such times. It was much smaller than her home on Risa but served the purpose from her busy schedule of command.

The flight took less than ten minutes, after signaling the moon's approach Mystery banked the shuttle and touched down next to the house. Shutting down the shuttle Mystery got to her feet, walked to the rear of the shuttle, opened the air lock and extended it to the air lock on the house. Hearing the click as both air locks engaged Mystery walked from the shuttle, closed the air lock behind her and opened the air lock leading to the house. Steppig into her house Mystery brought a couple more air locks online just in case the ship or one of her officers needed her.

Walking into the bedroom Mystery tossed her duffel onto her bed, walked back into the living room and over to the wine rack, selecting a bottle of wine she picked up a glass and poured herself a glass of wine and walked to the window, palmed a sensor and the window became transparent allowing her to see the Earth off in the distance. A view she never tired of. Free of Renault Mystery was still nervous and time to herself was what she needed. Taking a sip of her wine Mystery palmed the sensor again and this time the window became one way. No one could see in but she could still see out.

Since there was no food in the house and Mystery didn't feel like going out she ordered something from a local restaurant. It didn't take long for dinner to arrive, after paying for it Mystery took her meal to the livingroom and curled up on the couch to enjoy her meal.

The ship knew where she was should anything happen that would require her attention. Right now she just wanted to relax and rest. The past few days had taken a toll on her.



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