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The Reality

Posted on Fri Sep 24th, 2021 @ 5:23pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather

Mission: Updates And Character Development
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{XO's Quarters}

Heather woke up around zero nine hundred and stretched after a good nights sleep. She turned and looked at Jamie who was still sleeping. After a few minutes she rolled over facing Jamie and started kissing his bare chest very tenderly, then Jamie woke and looked at Heather "Morning sweetheart" he said with a yawn. "Morning Jamie, how are you doing today" she asked.

Jamie sort of sat up in bed "Ok I guess" he answered in a monotone, saddened voice.

Heather was starting to be a little more than concerned about his mental state. Looking into Jamie's eyes "Your starting to worry me a little....ever since you were in command of the Ship you haven't been the same. What's going on" she asked as she sat up in bed facing Jamie.

He looked in to her beautiful blue eyes "I'm's just that...." then he just stared down at the bed.

Heather placed her hand under his chin and raised his head up "Jamie....please talk to me.....whatever it is we can talk it through....I hate seeing you like this....I love you" she said trying to keep it together for his sake.

Jamie decided maybe he ought to talk to this gorgeous women and not let this become a wedge between them after all they had been through together. Taking a deep breath he looked back into her eyes "While I was in command of the Ship and we up against all those Marauder ships, not doing very well I might add, I had a horrible thought which I dismissed right away to keep my focus. But I'm afraid it's come back to haunt me and it's scared the 'bloody hell' out of me" he concluded.

"What could be so terrible to make you act this way" Heather asked.

Still looking into those gorgeous eyes "I thought if that was the end of the Ship and her Crew.....I would miss so many years of sharing my life with mean everything to me.....I can't even imagine not having you around" he said with a tear in his eye.

Heather wasn't quite sure how to respond to what he had just told her, but after a few moments " didn't happen....and I have to believe that it didn't happen for a reason.....we're meant to be together. Even if that does happen someday....I am so very grateful for the time that we have had together....and I love you like I have never loved anyone else in my life" she replied.

Jamie smiled, which he hadn't done in awhile, and threw his arms around Heather "I love you so much" then kissed her for all he was worth. Then after a few moments "Thank you for being here for me and being such a good listener.....I think I feel better now" he stated "And besides I would really miss looking at your gorgeous body which I enjoy so much."

By now Heather had a tear in her eye also "Jamie O'Connell don't you make me cry" she replied "I'll be here for you as long as you want me to be."

Jamie smiled once again "Well then you better be prepared to be around a long time....even when we're old and grey" he commented.

Heather grinned as she pointed to her breasts "Even when these are wrinkled and down to my waist" she replied with a chuckle.

"And they'll still be gorgeous, even if I have to prop them up a bit" Jamie said with a laugh.

Heather smiled "Now there's my Jamie that I love so much" then she whispered "How about we take a nice warm shower together."

Jamie smiled and nodded yes; Heather smiled back "I bet I get in the shower before you do" as she started running towards the bathroom; then Jamie chased her into the shower.

After their shower together, while they were drying off, Heather said to Jamie "I think we need to get you off this Ship for awhile, how about after we get dressed we beam down to the Station and walk around for awhile; the change of scenery will do you good."

Jamie thought for a moment "I'd like that plus I would be able to spend time with my favorite girl and yes I think different surroundings for awhile would do us both good" he stated.

They both dressed in casual civilian clothes then went to a Transporter Room and beamed down to the Station.

{Jupiter Station}

When they materialized on the Station Jamie held Heather's hand as they started walking around casually looking at all the Shops and Eateries enjoying being off the Ship and the change of scenery.

As they were walking around Jamie noticed this nice little Pub and asked "We haven't eaten anything today yet, and since it's eleven hundred, would you like to get something."

Heather smiled "Yes that sounds like a nice idea" she replied. So the couple went inside noticing a quaint little Pub with some tables and chairs; plus it wasn't very busy yet.

When they reached the bar Jamie greeted the Barkeep "Good morning sir, could we get two glasses of red wine and we would like to order some food as well."

"Certainly Sir, and what vineyard would you like" the Barkeep inquired.

"Do you carry Chateau Picard wines" he asked. "Absolutely, that's one of our more popular vineyards." The Barkeep turned and poured two glasses of red wine and handed them to Jamie. "If you would like to find a table our Hostess will be right over to take your orders."

Jamie gave the Barkeep a nod and the couple turned and found a table and sat. Soon the Hostess came over with some menus "I'll give you a few minutes then I'll be back to take your orders" she stated.

As they were looking over their menus Heather looked up at Jamie "So sweetheart what are you going to have."

"Not quite sure yet....ahh....I going to order the Lamb Stew....that sounds really good, and you....what are you going to have" Jamie asked.

"You know that does sound good, I think I'll have the same" she replied. When the Hostess returned Jamie gave her two orders of Lamb Stew and she went off to get their food.

Meanwhile the couple sat and talked, along with sipping their wine, waiting for their food. Soon the food arrived and they began to eat. Jamie tried his first "Oh....this is really good....I think you'll like this" he stated.

Heather tasted her's next "Ummm....that is really good." So the two sat and talked some more while enjoying their meal together.

When they were almost done with their meal Jamie decided to tell Heather about his conversation with Yo. "Sweetheart can you keep a secret....what I'm about to tell you no one else knows, not even the Captain" he asked.

Heather looked up and smiled "You know I what's this all about" she commented.

"Well nothing really....during my time talking to Captain Yo she told me if I ever wanted to change Ships to let her know because she could use a good Officer on her Ship" Jamie explained being kind of proud of the offer.

Heather stopped eating and put her spoon down and sat back in her chair "She what!!" an alarmed and fearful Heather said.

Jamie just grinned "Relax Heather I informed her that I wasn't looking to change Ships anytime soon and that I would file the offer away for future consideration" he explained "Besides I would never do something like that without talking to you first about it....and also it would have to be a packaged deal because I wouldn't leave you behind."

Heather relaxed and went back to eating, then paused "You know a thought just crossed my mind. Hypothetically speaking.....what would you do if Star Fleet ordered you to another Ship and refused to transfer me with you" she asked not knowing what to expect for an answer.

Jamie just smiled "Well that's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. If that was the case then I would not think twice about resigning my Commission at Star Fleet. Then we could find a nice planet somewhere in this vastness of space and settle down and carve out a life together" he explained.

A very happy Heather smiled "You would do that for me....for us....and leave Star Fleet if they boxed you into a corner like that" she queried.

"In a heartbeat and not think twice about it.....I will not leave the most important person in my life behind....that is if you would want to come along" Jamie said.

"Just try and stop me" she replied "But let's hope it doesn't come to that any time soon." Jamie nodded in agreement.

Now that their meal was finished Jamie and Heather began to walk around some more. When they came up to this one Shoppe "Jamie let's go in here and look around for a bit" Heather said. So the couple walked into a Ann's Candy Shoppe.

As they entered the air was filled with the unmistakeable smell of chocolate "Oh Jamie it smells so good in here. I thought that I might buy a sweet treat" she stated.

Jamie just grinned "You mean I'm not sweet enough for you" as he chuckled. "Not unless you taste like chocolate" she countered with a grin "Do you like fudge" Heather asked. Jamie thought for a moment "You know I haven't had any of that since I was a yes count me in."

Heather stepped up to the counter and ordered one pound of this very chocolaty, very creamy, and very soft fudge. The lady packed it in a box then Heather paid and they left the Shoppe.

As soon as they were outside Heather stopped and opened the box "Jamie here have a piece" as she grabbed one for herself and Jamie did the same. When she tasted the confection "Oh my....mmm....oh that tastes so good" she commented as she finish her piece "But boy is that ever sweet and rich" so she closed up the box.

Jamie bit into his piece as well "Oh ya...that's the good stuff...mmm....that is really good....but ya, one piece is plenty for me" he said.

The couple resumed their walking around the Station for awhile until Heather commented "As much fun as this has been I think I'm tired out. Would you mind terribly if we returned to the Ship."

Jamie smiled "No not at all....I think I've had enough for one day myself" he replied "And thank you for this, it really helped." Tapping his Comm "Independence two to beam back to the Ship" then moments later the couple had returned home.



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