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Things in motion

Posted on Fri Sep 24th, 2021 @ 4:13pm by Lieutenant JG Billi

Mission: Updates And Character Development
Location: USS Independence
Timeline: current


After leaving the XO's office, Billi made her way to the nearest lift, once again reaching up and rubbing behin dher ear casually, pressing the subdermal nub there in a sequence for coding by other agents. One, in particular, who just so happened to be aboard. Using the lift and arriving at the proper deck Billi walked casually down the corridor, with the males giving her the once over as she went by. At the end of this first section of bend in the corridor was a VIP suite. One tucked away. Standing before the door was Kona Tokugawa, a smile on her face as she saw Bill approaching. "Good to see you, Lieutenant. Please," motioned Kona, to the entryway.

Billi stepped within, seeign a standard sizeable VIP suite, a bedroom at each end of the main room. Perfect size for two. The door closed as Kona stepped inside. "Can you make this work?"

"Not a problem." Answered Tokugawa, tapping away at a PADD. "These are now your quarters, the size being for cultural reasons, of course."

"Of course," smiled Billi. "Kehlani will love it. You're doing well, Kona. Kudo is still hesitating. Tip him our way slowly, but do it, nonetheless."

"I will." Kona moved towards the door. "I'll see you around, Lieutenant." And, she was gone.

Billi looked around at the drab Starfleet decor. Definitely time to re-decorate, with her her own eye and the eye of a Klingon with a rather unique perspective among her people.



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