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The final system check

Posted on Wed Sep 29th, 2021 @ 4:43pm by Lieutenant Ken Kudo

Mission: Updates And Character Development
Location: engineering
Timeline: current


Kudo had been seeing to systems all day. Every upgrade had been shown and seen with his own eyes, and then checked off. 48 hours of this shit, but well worth it. Indy would purr like a kitten now, and he had just the right touches to make her his own. Scotty was a genius, learning every aspect of Enterprise in all her manifestations during his time as Chief Engineer. So now, that being his idol, Ken focused on getting to know Indy as if she were his only child. Every system and every aspect of her being would be studied and improved on if he had the means.

But, for now, the final system check had gone off without a hitch. As soon as that was announced Kudo Sent Ellis and O'Connell in their command messages that Indy was ready to leave port, all systems green. He took pride in that. His first maintenance makeover as the chief engineer. It felt good. And, he was now determined to make sure that four marauder craft were no match for this bird anymore.

Entering his quarters Kudo tossed his bag on the couch, full of personal trinkets he needed for personal projects while Indy zoomed through space. Boredom was a thing in Starfleet. Engineers worth their gold always tinkered while not on duty. One never knew when the next innovation would appear. Indy had a fantastic engineering crew, and the Operations people were just as excellent. Ken had no doubts that someone would come up with something unique in mechanics and engineering. Whether or not marketable, that was another question. He grinned to himself at that, checking his messages at his desk in his main room. His actual office was across the corridor. Seeing nothing important he switched off and went to shower and change. He had yet to see the base.



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