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Time To Test The Weapons

Posted on Thu Sep 30th, 2021 @ 7:19pm by Captain Mystery Ellis

Mission: A World In A World
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current


“Communications recall the crew, helm as soon as everyone is aboard break orbit and take us to the target range, we need to make sure this time our weapons are online and ready to go,” Mystery said stepping onto the bridge and taking her seat. Nearly thirty minutes later communications reported the crew were back aboard and the ship was now on the way to Jupiter Station’s target range. “As soon as the tests with the weapons are done we’ll head out into space and back on patrol,”

“Understood captain,” helm responded “We’ll be at the test range in a few minutes.”


Sorry it’s short. I know Jamie had something he wanted to do regarding a weapons test. I’m leaving that for him. Also since we don’t have a science chief anyone care if I create one?


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