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New Ship and Meeting The Captain

Posted on Fri Oct 8th, 2021 @ 8:34pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Character Developmemt
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Rayven had thought over the transfer to the Independence for several days and finally accepted it. It came with a promotion to lieutenant and the department head. Three weeks in a cramped shuttle had been a nightmare. But well worth it, Rayven watched as the Independence came into view; the shuttle pilot slowed the shuttle and brought it into transporter range. Picking up her duffel Rayven thanked the pilot for the ride and stepped onto the transporter PADD. In seconds the cramped shuttle disappeared and the transporter room of the ship came clearer. Stepping off the PADD Mist walked over to the operator and handed him her transfer orders.

“Welcome aboard lieutenant,” greeted “Captain Ellis is in her ready room.”

“Thank you ensign,” Rayven said as he handed her a PADD complete with her quarter assignment. Walking from the transporter room it didn’t take her long to find her quarters as she’d studied the layout of the ship on the way out from the Mekon.

A hot shower and a fresh uniform Rayven headed for the bridge to meet the captain stepping onto the bridge Rayven looked around for a few minutes before heading over to the captain’s ready room, seeing the door locked open Mist tapped on the door frame and waited for the captain.

Mystery hearing a tap on her door looked up to see a lieutenant in science blue “You must be my new science chief, please come in.”

Rayven walked in and handed Mystery her transfer orders “Lieutenant Rayven Mist, captain,”

“Have a seat lieutenant,” Mystery said taking her transfer orders and read them, “Welcome aboard.”

“Thank you captain,” Rayven replied

“You’re a welcome addition as I’ve not had a science Ensign Devroe will be relieved to have a boss as she’s been running science. Take the rest of the day and get used to the ship, check out the science labs, get used to the bridge station and report for duty tomorrow,” Mystery said “One thing your personal file says you have a five year old, is she with you?”

“No captain she’s home on Risa, felt it better for her, she’s with my family,” Rayven replied getting to her feet.

Mystery stood as well “If there is something for science you need let me know and I’ll get it ordered,”

“I’ll do that captain,” Rayven said nodding to the captain she headed out.



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