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Meeting Heather

Posted on Wed Oct 13th, 2021 @ 4:27pm by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD & Ensign Heather

Mission: Settlers
Location: Rayven's Office
Timeline: Current


Rayven had gone over reports on the science department and was impressed at how well a young ensign had been handing things. Deciding it was time to meet her Rayven tapped her com-badge "Ensign Devroe this is Lieutenant Mist can you come to my office I'd like to get to know you."

Heather had been expecting this call all morning; a little nervous but wanted to meet her new boss before things became hectic around there. On her way to the CSO's Office she had remembered what Jamie had told her about being herself. The door was open when she arrived so Heather knocked and waited for a reply.

Rayven looked up and spotted whom she believed to be Heather, getting to her feet "You must be Heather, please come in. I'm Rayven."

A nervous Heather walked into the Office noticing a fairly tall, slender women with long red hair tied into a pony tail with striking green eyes. She walked up to Rayven's desk "Ensign Heather Devroe, you wanted to see me Lieutenant" she replied standing tall.

"Please call me Rayven, have a seat. Yes I did want to see you. You've done an outstanding job running science."

Heather sat, but up straight "Thank you Rayven. I was transferred here from the Saratoga as an Assistant CSO but after I arrived I soon found out that there was no CSO at that time, so I ran Science for awhile. The Chief Sciences's position has been like a revolving door this past year" she concluded.

Rayven nodded "I've seen that by the reports and I have to commend you for stepping up and running things. I am curious though as to why the captain has not made you assistant science chief or even chief for that matter. You've done a hell of a job running it. Hopefully I'll be the last science chief for sometime."

Heather smiled warmly "I'm not sure, except that I really rather be working in the Lab as opposed to doing paperwork. Also I'm not hung up on rank; I'm just here to do the best job I can" she commented "That would be nice to have the same boss more than six months."

"Paperwork comes with being a department head i suppose. Not one of my favorite thing to do but it has to be done. Can you give me a run down on the officers in science? Anyone I need to watch out for?" Rayven asked returning the smile "I love lab time too and often do it once my shift is over or before it starts. Here in the lab I don't care about rank, we're all science officers. My name is Rayven and if we go around calling lieutenant or ensign everyone will answer."

Heather thought for a moment, then decided to let Rayven come to her own conclusions about her staff "Actually everyone of the science staff knows their jobs and do them quite well; no one in particular comes to mind" she replied "I agree, it would like nice to have more of an informal would flow much better."

"That it will and I'm looking forward to working with you, getting to know you, the staff in here, the captain and the first officer. If you have a problem or a question my door is always open and I'll let everyone in here know that too," Rayven said "Is there anything about you I need to know and is there anything about me you'd like to know?"

Heather hesitated for a moment "Well there is one thing that you should be aware of.....not that it has anything to do with me professionally....but Commander O'Connell are in a.....relationship....but I can assure you I don't get any special treatment...actually just the opposite" she explained "As far as your concerned...not really....I'm sure we'll get to know each other over time."

Rayven smiled "I already knew that, I'm glad you did tell me. I'm also sure it's not going to be an issue so your fine. He's probably a lot harder on you than the rest of the crew. I want to thank you for taking the time to have this chat."

Heather smiled warmly "I just wanted you to know about our relationship since he is a senior officer and yes he's harder on me just to prove a point. It was my pleasure; I wanted to meet you as soon as possible and look forward to working together" she concluded.

Rayven stood and offered her hand "Likewise," she said smiling.

Heather stood and shook hands with Rayven "Thank you....I should be getting back to work and let you get back to your paperwork" she then turned and went back into the Lab to finish things up before they reached Astra.



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