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Tea Party

Posted on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 2:29pm by Crewman Thomas Jefferson & Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot
Edited on on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 2:36pm

Mission: Settlers
Location: Captains Ward Room
Timeline: Current


Sorry bout the confusion on the colonization vs settlers.


Having disposed of the little girl with security, Thomas returned to the Captain's Ward Room to begin preparing dinner.

Dropping the rabbit on the butcher's block he then changed into his cooking smock and started the process of dressing down the critter. His skinning knife, the same one he used as a child in the forests and fields of Dakota, was razer sharp and in his deft hands after hundreds, if not thousands of hours of muscle memory, made quick work of the Leporidae. Setting aside the skin and feet (he had plans for these) he then went about chopping up the rest for the stew.

Thomas was half way through chopping up the vegetables when the comm beeped <^>Thomas, this is Dr Relor<^>.

While mincing up some garlic he responds "Yes Dr Relor" wondering about the formality being presented by the man "what can I do for you?"

<^>I think we need to have a talk. Meet me in the mess hall at 1800?<^>

Thomas sighed heavily, but agreed.


Feyd was headed out to the mess hall when Natasha stopped him. "So, you're going to confront Thomas about the rabbit incident?" She asked.

"Yeah, somebody has to do it, and it'll be more effective coming from a friend. Why, you think I shouldn't?"

Natasha smiled radiantly. "No, I think you're a good friend." She gave him a tender kiss on the cheek, tousled his hair, and then went back to her duties. Feyd blushed furiously, and headed out for the Mess Hall.

[Mess Hall]

Feyd found Thomas sitting on one of the bar stools and walked over to him. At that moment, a very peeved looking Zebot was stalking toward him as well.

"Jefferson!" She called, a storm cloud over her head.

'Uh oh...' Feyd thought as he closed the distance.

Katlyn marched right up to the Chef and in a harsh tone "Mr Jefferson might I have a word.....even though I have no authority over civilians....what you did to that rabbit in front of......" then Feyd cut her off.

"Was...indelicate." Feyd said. He had planned on talking with Thomas about other things and then sort of get around to bringing up the rabbit incident nonchalantly so as not to put the chef on the defensive. For a man renowned for his lack of bedside manner, with friends he could be very socially aware.

Thomas blinked, looking from Feyd to Zebot and back, then a puzzled look came over his face. "What are you talking about? She appeared out of nowhere in an area she did not belong in, so I left her with security. As for the rabbit, that is the captains dinner and it was very much alive until I reached the kitchen."

Now Kaylyn was really confused as she looked straight at Jefferson " didn't take the rabbit and turn it's head in a complete circle until it went limp as the little girl stated" she asked in a much more relaxed and friendlier tone. "Maybe the little girl was lying" she thought, which had already crossed her mind awhile ago.

Feyd breathed a sigh of relief. While he suspected Thomas did not have children and therefore had no idea how to handle them, he was certain that the man wasn't completely without awareness.

Jefferson's response was classic Thomas. He stared Zebot in the eye, and spoke softly but firmly. "No." He looked away as if to dismiss the matter entirely. "She probably pieced together that the ingredient was destined for the pot, but the butchering took place in my kitchen, closer to the meal. The longer it remains alive, the fresher it is. Anyway, Doctor, you said you had an important matter to discuss."

Feyd chuckled and slapped Thomas on the back. "Not really, just wanted to catch up. How's Marie?"

Katlyn stood for a moment staring at Jefferson while thinking "He's not Star Fleet so he has nothing to hide or any reason to lie about what happened". "Excuse me gentlemen, I'll leave you two to your conversation" she said, then turned and left the Mess Hall.
As far as barging into her Office....she would let that slide....this time.


Lieutenant Commander Feyd Relor
Chief Medical Office
USS Independence

Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot
Chief of Security
USS Independence


Crewman Thomas Jefferson
Captain's Personal Chef
USS Independence


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