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Getting Started

Posted on Tue Oct 19th, 2021 @ 9:48am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Settlers
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



{Deck 2-XO's Quarters}

O'Connell left his Quarters and was making his way to Deck 3 to transport down to the surface and start to literally make a new world for the Settlers. Having met the new CSO yesterday, and asking for water as well as soil samples, he was ready for some good old fashion hard work.

{Deck 3}

The Commander walked into Transporter Room One "Ensign could you please transport me down to the surface" he asked. "Yes Sir" then Jamie vanished from sight.


When Jamie materialized on the surface he was still in awe of this beautiful planet. He really hoped that the Settlers appreciated this lovely place that they now called Home.

Jamie saw the head Settler then walked over to him with a smile "Good morning how do you want to proceed this morning" he asked.

The Settler turned and smiled "Commander, good morning to you too....I thought we would start over there. There's four crops that I want to get planted as soon as possible.....animal corn, sweet corn, wheat, and rye. That way we will be able to feed ourselves and the animals" he concluded.

"That sounds like a sound plan to me. Since I grew up on a farm, and have experience, I would be more than happy to jump on a Tractor and get started getting the soil ready for planting" he replied.

"That would be a great help....the sooner we can get the ground prepared then the sooner we can get the crops planted" he stated "There's a Tractor over there if you want to get started and I'll have one of my people start with the other one over there."

Jamie nodded and walked over to the machine and jumped on then got it started. Once the machine as running, Jamie looked over the controls to see what did what and drove over to the marked out area to start the task.

O'Connell dropped the plow into the ground then started slowly to turn the ground over in long, straight, and even rows while thinking to himself "If Dad could only see me now; he'd be in total shock." The thought of it made Jamie snicker as he turned row after row of soil over.

After he was finished with the one field, Jamie returned to where he had picked up the Tractor and jumped off to change over to a 'drag' to break up the soil even more which would make it ready for planting.

As he started to make the change-over from the plow to the drag he heard a friendly voice "Hey Commander, how's it going" and when he looked up it was Heather and Lieutenant Mist.

"Ensign, Lieutenant it's going very well so far" Jamie replied with a smile "What are you doing here"

"I'm getting soil and water samples," Rayven responded "As well as getting samples of some of the native plant life. It's so nice to be on a planet where no one has been before. It's a scientist's dream."

Jamie just nodded in agreement as he smiled at Heather being very happy for the surprise visit.

Then Heather spoke up "Here I brought you something to eat.....I thought you might be hungry" as she handed Jamie a bag "It's two ham sandwiches and some cold tea."

Then with a big smile on his face "Thanks Ensign" he said while opening the bag and making sure he addressed Heather with rank being in front of the CSO. Jamie didn't realize just how hungry he was until he bit into the sandwich which was followed by a nice big gulp of the cold tea "That tastes so good....thank you."

"Your welcome Commander....I may I say....your uniform is filthy" Heather said with a chuckle.

"That's what happens when you work on a farm" Jamie replied with a snicker.

Then Ensign Devroe and Lieutenant Mist turned to go about collecting their samples for Lab analysis. Meanwhile Jamie attached the drag to finish up the field for planting.

Before he jumped back on the tractor he turned just in time to see the two Officers vanish into thin air and return to the Ship; they had some work to do.

Jamie drove the tractor back over to the field that he had been working on then proceeded to start the dragging process. After some time of slowly working the soil he was finished then he stopped, shut the machine off and got off to check his work.

About the same time the head Settler came walking over to see how he had done "Commander, I'm impressed....that is a superb job.....I guess you do have some experience in agriculture" he stated.

Jamie just chuckled "After growing up on a farm, I am well acquainted with preparing the soil for planting" he replied. By now it was getting rather late in the day and the Sun was getting close to the horizon when the Settler said "See you tomorrow then....I'll have another field for you to get ready for planting and my men will plant what you have already done."

"Yes, I'll be back tomorrow and get another field ready for you" Jame replied. He walked off then tapping his Comm "This is Commander O' to beam back to the Ship" then he vanished from sight.


Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD
Chief Science Officer
USS Independence

Ensign Heather Devroe
Science Officer
USS Independence

Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence


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