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Posted on Tue Oct 19th, 2021 @ 8:56pm by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Settlers
Location: Science Lab
Timeline: Current


When Rayven returned to the ship she headed for the science labs, eager to analyze the soil, water and plant samples she’d brought back the Planet Astra. Walking over to the table Rayven set up her microscope, removed the vial containing the water sample, taking a slide Rayven put a drop of water on it and placed it under her microscope and studied it making notes along the way as she did so.

Rayven finished the water sample and test, cleaned the slide and placed a small amount of the soil onto the slide and placed that under the microscope, jotted down some notes.

Next was the plant samples, and after several minutes Rayven cleaned her slides and put them away along with her microscope, leaned back in her seat and drummed her fingers on the table. Everything was perfect, almost too perfect.

On a hunch Rayven picked up the soil and water samples and headed to the rear of the lab, opening the fume hood Mist dumped some of the soil onto a plate, removed some tea seeds she’d brought from home, added some water, and stood back and watched. In minutes the seeds started to grow. In under an hour Rayven had a fully grown tea plant, something that should have taken months had only taken about an hour. The combination of the soil and water reacted with each other causing the rapid growth. Picking up a pot Rayven planted the tea plant, cleaned and closed the fume hood, picking up her plant Mist headed for her office to write up her report. Setting the plant on a shelf in her office Rayven set to work on her report and when finished sent it to both the captain and the first officer.



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