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Fresh Start

Posted on Sat Oct 23rd, 2021 @ 11:59am by Crewman Tyre Amarock V

Mission: Settlers
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Star Fleet Culinary Services had just completed their yearly inventory of all the Ships in the Fleet concerning their Culinary Status. It was decided, based on Crew compliment and Ship's effectiveness on mission, to upgrade a few of the Ships.

One of the Ships being the USS Hudson which they felt, after careful review, should be upgraded to “Chef Prepared Meal” status. The Hudson had a Ship's Cook which would be replaced by a Chef and his Culinary Team; leaving the Cook for transfer to another Ship along with his Staff.

The USS Independence, being a newer Ship in service, had been relegated to “Replicator Food” except for the Captain who had their own personnel Chef aboard. Culinary Services felt they should be upgraded to having a Ship's Cook and his Team to prepare the meals for the General Crew compliment. It would take a talented Cook since he/she would have to completely design and setup a new Kitchen which now was non existent.

Culinary Services decided that the easiest switch would be to transfer the Cook from the Hudson to the Independence since he had twenty years experience as a Ship's Cook not to mention his experience before entering Star Fleet.


Tyre Amarock V was in route to the Independence aboard a civilian freighter. Star Fleet provided all the equipment and provisions for a whole new Kitchen but getting it there was the Cooks responsibility. Tyre had enlisted the services of Kira Neva, a lovely young women who seemed to know her way around not only her Ship but the sector in general.

The journey was long which gave Tyre some time to go over several things before his arrival; most interestingly the history of the Chef on board. He was rather impressed with Jefferson's accolades, especially the 'Michelin Three Star' rating for his establishment in Paris, France on planet Earth. Tyre was well aware that Chefs viewed Cooks as “hacks”, but after dealing with many Chefs during his twenty year stink in Star Fleet, he was well able to navigate the complexities of dealing with the egos that most seemed to have in abundance. But for now there would be too much work that needed to be done to give that a second thought. Tyre reviewed his menu for the new Kitchen being quite satisfied with the variety and size of the menu; it had enough variety without being excessive or unmanageable.

Tyre had brought his Staff along with him which consisted of an Assistant Cook, a Line Cook, and a Prep Cook. Each served a specific function in his Kitchen but were well able to help out in the other areas when the situation called for it. The last thing that Tyre needed to do was to refresh his memory with was the schematic of the Crew Lounge that Star Fleet had sent to him weeks ago. This is what he used to design his first new Kitchen and order everything needed for it along with the provisions that he would need for the next year.

Tyre walked over to the pilot “Kira how long before we reach the Independence” he asked.

Kira turned her head and smiled “About thirty minutes and we should be in orbit along side her.”

“Great, my staff and I will beam aboard and I'll check to see where our storage area is for everything and let you know so you can beam our cargo over to us; if that's fine with you” he said.

“Yes that will be fine and it shouldn't take more than a few hours to get everything aboard Ship” she stated “When we're finished then we can 'settle up' and I may say hello to a few people while I'm here.”

Tyre smiled “So this isn't your first time around the these people...male or female....if you don't mind my asking.”

Kira had a big smile on her face “Both actually but most recently female...if you get my meaning.”

He just grinned “Whatever floats your boat honey” he stated with his usual flirty tendencies around women.

Tyre turned to his Staff and instructed them on how to proceed once they were in orbit with the Independence as well as how to get things started for their new Kitchen installation.

Before long Kira announced “Tyre we're approaching the Independence....let me hail them and get permission to establish a synchronous orbit beside them...then you and your Staff will be able to beam aboard.”

“Sounds good” Tyre replied “Ok men let's get ready to do this” as his Staff grabbed their duffle bags ready and waiting to leave the freighter.

“Independence...this the Freighter Gemini requesting a synchronous orbit to deliver the Ship's Cook, Staff, and equipment” Kira stated.

“Freighter Gemini welcome...we've been expecting are your coordinates for orbit” came the reply.

Kira keyed in the coordinates into her Nav and assumed orbit along side the Independence “Ok Tyre you and your men are cleared for beam over and I'll see you aboard Ship after everything's been beamed over for payment.”

“Good...see you soon Kira...we're ready any time you are” Tyre replied. Soon the Cook and his Staff were gone off the Freighter to start their new adventure together.


{Deck Three-Transporter Room}

Moments later Tyre and his Staff were aboard Ship as he walked up to the Operator “Hello...I'm Tyre Amarock, with my Staff...I have been transferred here as Ship's Cook” he stated as he handed over their orders.

The Operator looked over their orders then looked up and smiled “Welcome aboard gentlemen...we've been expecting are your PADDS with room assignments and a layout of the Ship along with your Comms” he said.

“Thank you's nice to be here” Tyre replied. After some conversation with his Staff, they all left for Deck 7 to find their respective Quarters before securing their space in a Cargo Bay to store all of the equipment and provisions.


Crewman Tyre Amarock V
Ship's Cook
USS Independence


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