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Posted on Sun Oct 24th, 2021 @ 1:07pm by Crewman Tyre Amarock V

Mission: Settlers
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


After Tyre and his Staff dropped off their duffle bags off in their respective Quarters they made their way to the Cargo/Storage area.

{Deck 5-Storage Area}

As they walked into the area Tyre noticed a Lieutenant standing nearby with a PADD in his hand "Excuse me" then the Lieutenant looked up "Good afternoon, I'm Crewman Tyre Amarock...the new Ship's Cook...I'm looking for the Chief....I'm supposed to have a holding area to unload a Freighter full of equipment" he explained.

The Lieutenant smiled "Welcome aboard Crewman....I'm the Chief and yes we have reserved a pretty good sized area for your cargo" he stated as he walked over to a taped off area in the storage bay.

Tyre looked the area over "Excellent...then I assume we can get started then with the unloading" he inquired.

"Yes, anytime your ready and I have some extra men if you need help moving things around" the Chief replied.

"Thank you Chief, but I think my Staff and I will be fine" Tyre answered. Tapping his Comm "Freighter Gemini...this is Tyre you can start beaming the cargo over when your ready to my location."

"Understood Tyre.....commencing now" Kira stated and soon the cargo started appearing in their area. Tyre had the Freighter loaded in a specific order so that all the food would be beamed aboard first and then the equipment to save time and energy having to move things around. After a couple of hours all of the cargo was aboard and off the freighter.

Then Tyre's Comm went off "This is're Cargo is all what deck are you on" she inquired.

"Excellent....I'm on Deck 5 in the Storage Area" he stated "I'll be expecting you shortly then." After a few minutes Kira walked through the door and over to Tyre. "Everything seem in one piece?" she asked. "Yes everything looks fine as far as I can tell and I have the correct unit count also" he answered as he reached into his pocket and handed Kira the money owed "Thank you and it's been a pleasure doing business with you" Tyre said with a smile. "If you ever need my services in the future you know how to get in contact with me" Kira replied and Tyre nodded yes.

There was one more order of business for the day and that was to take an actual look in the Lounge hoping that the plan he had been sent had the correct dimensions.

{Deck 3}

{Crew Lounge}

Tyre and his Staff walked into the area and Tyre pulled up the layout on his PADD. Using his measuring instrument he quickly gathered the required measurements then compared them to what was on his PADD. To his delight everything matched up as they walked around the Lounge to get a feel where the new Kitchen would be setup.

After a brief conversation with the other Cooks, Tyre advised them to get a good nights sleep and report back here at zero seven hundred in the morning. Tomorrow would be a hard day as Tyre wanted all of the equipment in place and some of it operating if possible.


Crewman Tyre Amarock V
Ship's Cook
USS Independence


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