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Setting Up

Posted on Mon Oct 25th, 2021 @ 11:26am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Crewman Tyre Amarock V

Mission: Settlers
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 3-Crew Lounge}

Tyre arrived at zero six hundred excited about getting the new Kitchen setup. As he walked around he counted eight replicators, which meant some of them would have to go. Three of the replicators would be left and be programmed for various beverages only, which would save a good amount of room in the Kitchen area. After disconnecting the five; they would go down into the Storage area. By the time he was finished it was zero seven hundred as he notice his Staff filing into the area.

As was his custom Tyre assigned a specific job to each person. The Prep Cook was tasked to getting the five replicators beamed out of the Lounge and put in storage and the remaining three would start getting the equipment beamed into the area and set in place.

The equipment was fully assembled and each item was a self contained unit which was beamed in and set as follows: On the short wall by the door was the Controlled Atmosphere Room, this unit would hold ninety percent of all the food in stasis to keep it fresh. On the long wall, starting by the corner of the CA Room, was a six burner photon stove with a double oven underneath, next to that was a large fryer, a meat grinder and lastly a large floor mixer. The pots and pans for cooking would he hung above the stove up out of the way.

Across from all that was a twelve foot prep table with refrigeration underneath to hold ingredients presently in use, in front of that a half wall to set the prepared food on for pickup along with a retail terminal to record the food being consumed, a sink to rinse utensils, a sanitizing sink for hands, then a sanitizing unit to clean and sanitize the dishes and cutlery, and a cabinet to store all the dishes and cutlery.The Kitchen area would have two entrances with a spring loaded swing gate at each end to better help with the flow of movement in the area. The Kitchen had the look of a L-shape when finished.

As all the setting up was taking place Commander O'Connell made an appearance wanting to meet the new Cook, especially since the Captain was off Ship.

Jamie walked over to what looked like the man in charge "Excuse me....Crewman Amarock....I'm Commander Jamie O'Connell the Ship's XO" he stated with a pleasant tone.

Tyre looked up with a smile "Commander....yes I am's a pleasure to meet you. My apologies for not coming to your Office and introducing myself....but I wanted to get the Kitchen set up as soon as possible and get some real food going for the Crew" he explained.

"Not a problem....I know your busy plus I've been on Astra the past few days helping out and not on the Ship." he replied while looking around "Say you gentlemen have accomplished a lot in just a short time, impressive to say the least."

"Thank you Commander....I have a great Staff helping me as well" he replied "Without them this wouldn't be possible" Tyre explained.

"This operation looks like a well oiled machine" Jamie commented "I know your busy so I'll let you get back to it and I'm looking forward to your food; I'm rather tired of replicator food."

Tyre smiled "And we're looking forward to making it for you to enjoy." Jamie turned and left to head to the Bridge.

By the time all of this was finished it was about eighteen hundred. The last thing that Tyre wanted to do for the day was to get the CA Room going. He had a special instrument that he placed on a shelf in the room which would tell him if it was operating properly. The unit would take out all of the oxygen and replace it with a combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide; this would put the food in stasis to keep it fresh. The only drawback was if a person was caught in the room they would suffocate in about five seconds. To eliminate that from happening the doors would lock when the process started and there were numerous 'panic switch pulls' inside hanging from the ceiling. Once they were activated the process would stop, the doors would unlock, and oxygen would flood the room. This safety feature cost more but it would save lives in the long run.

After the process was activated in the CA Room Tyre and his Staff left for the day and would resume tomorrow at the same time and hopefully have everything setup to start making some delicious food the following day.


Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence

Crewman Tyre Amarock V
Ship's Cook
USS Independence


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