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Another Day

Posted on Tue Oct 26th, 2021 @ 2:13pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Settlers
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



Jamie materialized on the surface and headed for the Settler in charge. After some conversation Jamie was asked to start building the Town Meeting Hall since all of the private homes were built and the Settlers had already moved in.

This building would not only be used for Town Meetings but also a School for the children in the room in the back of the building. The building went up quickly and was completed in just a few hours. One of the last buildings to be built was the Medical Center which contained a Doctor's Office and a small emergency room/hospital. Now all they would need was a Doctor since the last one bailed before they left Jupiter Station.

After the Medical Center was completed Jamie parked the equipment back from where he procured it from. Now the Center would have to be stocked so it would be ready for use. Walking over to one of Settlers Jamie asked "So are you going to be getting a Doctor any time soon."

"They're looking for a replacement now, so hopefully soon. In the meantime I am a trained Medic so I guess I'll have to see to any illnesses or injuries" he commented.

"If anything should come up while the Independence is still here then they can go to Sickbay on our Ship to get seen to" Jamie replied. The Medic nodded in agreement.

Jamie smiled as he turned to go over and check out the fields since they looked fully grown already. The animal corn was grown and you could see the ears of corn on the stalks. Both the wheat and rye was ready to be harvested then ground into flour.

The last thing that Jamie noticed was the sweet corn all tasseled out and nice big ears of corn on the stalks. As he was walking over for a closer look one of the Settlers broke off an ear then proceeded to pull back the husk and took quite a few bites "Boy this corn is nice and sweet" he commented as he nearly finished the entire ear. Suddenly he had a strange look on his face then he doubled over in pain. Jamie rushed over to him "Are you alright....what's wrong" he asked being shocked at the sight.

The Settler was in terrible pain when he said "I don't know what's wrong but I suddenly got this awful pain in my stomach and it's only getting worse."

The head Settler came rushing over to see what was going on as Jamie stated "Let's get you back on the Ship and have our Doctor take a look at you." The Settler was in so much pain he could only nod in agreement.

Tapping his Comm "Transporter Room, one to beam directly to Sickbay" Jamie said then tapping his Comm again "Doctor Relor a Settler is being beamed directly to you with terrible stomach pains after eating a ear of sweet corn" he explained.

The Settler vanished as Jamie spoke to the head Settler "Until we find out what's wrong with him I would highly suggest not eating anything that has grown on this Planet so more of your people aren't affected" Jamie said.

The Settler agreed with the Commander and turned to go off and instruct the rest of his people of what had happened. Tapping his Comm "This is O'Connell one to beam back to the Ship" then he vanished from sight.

Now it was time to stop by Sickbay and find out what was going on with the Settler.


Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence


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