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Post Number 7 Welcome Aboard

Posted on Sun Jan 23rd, 2022 @ 10:33pm by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD & Lieutenant Gracelyn Walker

Mission: Dispute
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


Rayven had heard there was a new officer aboard and with the captain off the ship decided to go meet her. Rayven headed for the transporter room and walked in, seeing a young woman walked forward "Welcome aboard, I'm Lieutenant Rayven Mist the science chief, Captain Ellis is on the planet and I'm not sure were the XO is. But if you like I can show you around,"

“I would appreciate the tour, Lieutenant.” Grace replied with a warm smile. “I am Lieutenant Gracelynn Walker. I am glad to be here.” If this was any indication of life on the ship she was going to fit right in.

"I'm new here too, I've been here a few weeks now," Rayven said as they walked from the transporter room. "The crew is friendly and eager to help. We're getting a new cook so we won't be stuck with a lot of replicated food. What would you like to see first?"

“How about the bridge.” Grace said with a smile. She would like to observe the crew at work before there is a shipwide alert that a counselor is on board.

"That's as good a place to start as any," Rayven agreed as they stepped into the lift and headed for the bridge.

“Tell me about the work culture.” Grace said with a smile. “It helps to know what I am walking into.”

"Captain Ellis is no nonsense, she's ex special forces. I've not had any problems with her," Rayven commented

“I appreciate an upfront command staff.” Grace nodded. “It makes things run smoothly.”

"You'll get that with her and the first officer," Rayven said as the lift stopped on the bridge "There is a seat up here for the counselor it's to the left of the XO."

Grace looked over and nodded in approval. “That is good to hear, often times there isn’t a place.”

"Captain Ellis made sure there was room for a counselor on her bridge," Rayven said "She feels you can get a better reading on the senior officers by being up here and observing them how they work."

“That is very intuitive of her.” Grace said quietly. “It will make my job so much easier.

It's just to the left of the captain, we currently don't have a second officer. You can sit there or there is another seat. The captain won't care which seat you chose," Rayven said keeping her voice low too

“I think it would be prudent for me to sit on the counselors chair.” Grace said after a moment. “It will be less confusing should the ship gain a second officer.”

"That's to the left of the second officers seat," Rayven said indicating the seat "You'll have a good view of everyone on the bridge and the captain is open to suggestion so if you feel something not right you can tell her."

“Thank you, Lieutenant.” Grace said with a smile. “I appreciate your giving me this tour.”

"My pleasure," Rayven said "Please call me Rayven."

“And please call me Grace.” She replied. “You have made me feel very welcome.”

"Thank you, Grace," Rayven replied "I hope we can become friends as well as ship mates."

“I believe we will.” Grace nodded. She read people well and Rayven seemed to be being genuine.



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