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A Shocker

Posted on Fri Oct 29th, 2021 @ 4:31pm by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Lieutenant Katlyn (Kat) Zebot

Mission: Settlers
Location: Various
Timeline: Current



{Deck 12-Tactical}

Lieutenant Zebot had caught up on all her paperwork and decided to go to the planets surface. She knew the Commander would be down there working so she figured she'd stop and say 'Hi' while looking the place over since she had not had a chance to yet.


When Katlyn materialized on the surface she looked around until she saw Jamie hard at work. Kat walked over to where he was "Hi Commander, hard at work are you" she said with a grin.

Jamie looked up with a smile "Hi Lieutenant, what brings you around" he asked "And yes I'm hard at work. Seems good to get dirty again and break a sweat."

"And I'm sure Heather appreciates her man getting all dirty and sweaty" she replied with a chuckle "I understands congratulations are in order....and may I say that's quite the 'rock' on her finger."

"Let's just say I hit the shower before I get too close to Heather.....wouldn't want to make her uncomfortable" Jamie replied with a chuckle "And thanks....the rings belonged to my they've been in the family for a long time."

Katlyn smiled "Aw....that's so nice using a family heirloom and very romantic too I might add" she stated.

Jamie wasn't sure how to respond to that and he could feel his face starting to turn red when he simply said "Thank you....Heather was quite thrilled to get them."

"I'm sure she was very thrilled....I know I would be" Kat replied with a smile "Well I'll let you get back to work.....I'm going to have a look around for a bit." So she left the Commander to his tasks as she went off.

Katlyn walked around noticing how nice all the homes seemed to be and how nicely they were arranged to form a small community. Next she walked over to the Town Meeting Hall and went inside. Kat was amazed how nice it was inside as she walked around.

After that Kaylyn decided to check out the barn. As she walked over to it she heard a noise coming from the back of the barn outside, so she went to investigate and was amazed at what she saw.

When Kat turned the corner she saw a Settler who was average height and weight moving a large boulder by himself. Kat knew it was very heavy and the guy didn't even seem to break a sweat. When he noticed Kat standing there he quickly stood up and tried not to look suspicious.

Katlyn smiled "Hello there....that looked heavy and you seemed to have moved it easily" she stated and the guy just stood there looking for the words to say when Kat continued "Look.....I'm not trying to give you any grief but I'm from Regalia which has 'heavy gravity'.....I have at least double the strength of a normal let's just say I would have had all I could do to move what gives."

The Settler took a deep breathe then began to explain " see all of us here are enhanced humanoids....and that's why we came to get away from those who would criticize us for what we've done....please don't tell anyone else....all we want to do is live in peace" he explained.

"As long as your secret doesn't impact our Crew or the Ship.....then your secret is safe with me....for now" she replied "But why hide it?"

"Because our people believe that we have committed an unforgivable sin by having our bodies enhanced....they made our life so difficult for us that we had to leave" he explained.

"Kat smiled "Like I said your secret is safe with me as long as there aren't any problems due to your superior strength" she answered.

The Settler smiled for the first time since seeing Kat "Thank you so people and I are very grateful" he replied.

Katlyn smiled then decided it was time to head back to the Independence as she left the area and beamed back to the Ship.


Lieutenant Katlyn Zebot
Tactical/Security Officer
USS Independence

Commander Jamie O'Connell
Executive Officer
USS Independence


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