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KAS: Klingon Air Services

Posted on Sat Oct 30th, 2021 @ 12:39pm by Lieutenant Ken Kudo & Lieutenant JG Billi & Lieutenant JG Kehlani

Mission: Settlers
Location: planet
Timeline: current


Kudo and Billi stood inside the bucket of a bulldozer, it being lifted to grant them access to a higher portion of wall so they could finish refurbishing the siding. It was a hot and sunny day so he had removed his khaki away team overshirt, then eventually he had removed the khaki sleeveless undershirt, both stuffed into his waistline and dangling. Occasionally he would use one or the other to swipe sweat from his face that got passed his sweat bandana tied around his head. Solid white with red sun in the middle of his forehead. He looked like your standard military personnel performing construction duties. The engineer's vest with pockets stuffed with tools and equipment, along with an equipment belt that was also full, kept him sweating. But, it was good for the soul. Thankfully he had a holo-program about home, everywhere in the Hawaiian Islands, choosing any place he wanted to be for sun and surf.

Billi was next to him, dressed very similar with the work fatigues, except she and Kehlani both wore khaki tank tops overtop their khaki sports bras. Neither of them shirked hard work, and being secondary engineers they had jumped at the chance to aid Kudo when he had asked. Now, after a few days, they had finished siding two structures and were on their third. The bucket, however, would not go any higher and they had finished what they could for this level of siding. Kehlani backed the dozer up and stopped it, shutting it down. Hopping out she looked up at the roof edge, then to her friends, and then back to the roof.

Kehlani called up as she started moving. "Give me a minute." Gathering a few of the colony workers she had them help her roll a permacrete drainage pipe section over in front of the dozer, and then a large section of siding, which they placed at an angle over the pipe, the end towards the dozer up in the air like a ramp. As instructed the colonists held the downed end on the ground with their feet as Kehlani stepped onto it, then turned to face the wall. Slowly her gaze went up the wall and from the squinted expression on her face she was calculating the physics necessary. After a minute or so she half turned and looked up. "You two jump on that end and it will elevate me to the roof's edge. I can scramble over the ledge once I have hold."

Billi giggled, glancing at Ken. "Did she actually just say that?"

"That she did," answered Kudo, his own face showing a bit of surprise. He shouted back down. "It's a twenty foot drop, Kahlani. Not exactly safe."

Kehlani gave an incredulous expression as her arms were held out slightly, palms outward in the stance of 'really?'. "Cowards!" She growled out. "That's what medical is for." She turned her back on the bucket duo.

Kudo's face crinkled into a pseudo-irritated face as he looked at Billi. "Did she just call me a coward?"

Not able to contain herself Billi gave a chuckle and smiled, winking at him. "That she did. I'll do it if you will. Some of the impact will be offset by shooting her grumpy arse into the air. Plus," she added, another giggle. "It'll be entertaining."

Ken gave a disgruntled sigh and shook his head cynically. "The shit you two have had me do since we've met. Is there no end to what you two do for fun?"

"Fun?" Billi gave a cackle. "Pfft. This is life, buddy. Live it. She and I practice thinking outside the box every minute of every day. Instead of consuming time finding a ladder since the steps to the roof collapsed, she is taking the fast track to getting up there to hoist equipment. Capiche?" Billi threw that in at the last, loving that Italian expression. It fit so easily into conversations. She yelled down. "Kay, we're gonna do it! Let us know when you're ready."

Kudo had been doing his own calculations and shouted out right after Billi. "For better angle, Kay, back up six inches!" He saw her take a half step back. "Perfect. You owe us a barrel of bloodwine after this!"

Kehlani raised her left hand giving a thumbs up to the bloodwine, then switching to a finger in the air to say launch.

Kudo and Billi held hands, stepped to the edge of the bucket and looked down. Both counted to three together, then stepped off at the exact same time. They dropped quickly, bracing their knew to act like springs during the impact, which was jarring but not horrible. Billi's assessment of shooting Kehlani's butt into the air offsetting the impact had been correct. Ken had to remember that Kay weight more than she looked due to her Klingon brak'lul (dual organs). As they landed and got jarred to their backsides they looked up and watched Kehlani ascend at a slight angle towards the roof, getting high enough to grab on with her arms and scramble over the ledge easily.

Kahlani stood up on the roof and raised her fists in the air. "Yeah!" Looking down she applauded. "Good job, you two."

The colonists had applauded the success and now stood around laughing and joking about it. In their minds, if nothing else, the crew of the Independence were a bit on the crazy side. Of course, none of them knew Kahlani was a Klingon since she was wearing standard Starfleet away gear.

Kudo and Billi helped each other get up and brushed off the dust from their clothes. Their legs were a bit sore from the jarring but they were in one piece. "Never again," said Ken, grinning despite himself.

"Uh-huh," answered Billi, tongue-in-cheek. "Until she uses the word coward again."

"Shut up," he said cynically, chuckling as they walked over to join the colonists in getting a hook ladder set up.



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