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Interesting Find

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 7:42pm by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Settlers
Location: Planet Surface
Timeline: Current


Rayven packed her field kit, picked up her tri-coder and headed for the transporter room, things on the ship had settled down enough for her to head to the surface to take readings and collect more samples to see if she could figure out what was in the water and soil that caused the rapid growth. Was it only the seeds the settlers had brought or was it the planet itself? Even the tea seeds she’d brought from Risa had grown rapidly.

Rayven walked into the transporter room a short time later and stepped onto the pad “Beam me down to the settlement please,”

In seconds the transporter room of the Independence was replaced by the fields, hills and scenery of the planet. Pulling out her tri-coder Rayven scanned the area toward the hills. They were oddly shaped and something just didn’t feel right about them. Deciding to explore them Rayven set off, the sun was high over head, there was a light breeze blowing and the clouds floated lazily.

Nearly twenty minutes later Rayven arrived at the oddly shaped hills, scanning one of them she was surprised to find an opening, according to her tri-coder there was no life in there. Rayven entered the hill only to find that it was a cave. Inside the cave were buildings of long ago. How long they’d been here was a good mystery. Scans of the old buildings showed them to be similar to adobe that over time had turned to rock.

Rayven explored the cave and the buildings that were open she stepped into and ran more scans. Pulling out one of her vials Rayven took a sample of the ground and labeled it. Seeing one of the rock from one of the old building on the ground Mist carefully placed it into another vial. Seeing several earthen jars Rayven scanned them and was surprised to find they contained seed; what kind they were or how old they were was something she wanted to uncover and test and if possible plant in controlled conditions. But that was not her call, that call had to come from the commander or even the captain. And possibly the setters as well.

Rayven walked from the cave and headed back to where she’d come from and soon found the commander. Spotting him Rayven walked over to where he was standing.

“Commander do you have a minute? I’ve found something interesting, those hills over there are caves that house old structures and in one I found earthen jars that contain seeds. I have no idea how old they are or what they are. I’ve taken samples of one of the buildings as they appear to have been adobe and over time have turned to rock, I have samples of the dirt in there and I’d love to open the earthen jars, see what the seeds are and attempt to grow them, in controlled conditions,” Rayven said “If you’d like I can take you there and you can see what I’ve found.”


Tag O’Connell


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