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Lead The Way

Posted on Sun Nov 7th, 2021 @ 9:00pm by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD & Commander Jamie O'Connell

Mission: Settlers
Location: Astra
Timeline: Current


O'Connell materialized on the surface looking around to see if he could find Lieutenant Zebot and she if she had found out anything concerning what she had mentioned about the Settlers. Also Jamie wanted to see how the Town was progressing. He didn't see Katlyn but he did see a another familiar face.


“Commander do you have a minute? I’ve found something interesting, those hills over there are caves that house old structures and in one I found earthen jars that contain seeds. I have no idea how old they are or what they are. I’ve taken samples of one of the buildings as they appear to have been adobe and over time have turned to rock, I have samples of the dirt in there and I’d love to open the earthen jars, see what the seeds are and attempt to grow them, in controlled conditions,” Rayven said “If you’d like I can take you there and you can see what I’ve found.”

[End Snip]

"Lieutenant Mist looks like you've been rather busy....yes your find sounds all means lead the way" the Commander said with a smile. Since Jamie hadn't really had a chance to get to know Rayven he thought that this would be a great opportunity to get to know her a little better; so he walked with Rayven as they chatted along the way.

"It's just behind that clump of brush," Rayven said holding aside so the commander could enter, she followed him "There's no need for lights as something in here is generating light. All of my scans show this area to be hundreds of years old."

Jamie looked around in awe "Lieutenant this is with this being so old" he paused for a moment "then that means someone was here before us....but I wonder who....and more importantly....why did they leave" Jamie stated.

"I don't know commander, but yes its obvious someone was here. I'd like to open the containers and plant the seeds and see what grows. I'd also like to explore some more of this area and see what or who was here before us and see if I can uncover why they left or did they leave? for all we know they could have died here," Rayven said "They even could have gone to that moon up there."

"If you want to continue to explore this area that's fine....but please do not open the seed containers unless you know it's absolutely safe to do so....the last thing we need right now is to have some sort of 'old disease' in there just waiting to to out" Jamie instructed.

"I've not picked up anything, they're old," Rayven commented as she thought for several minutes "There might be a safe way to extract seeds. It's a technique I've used on Risa to remove seeds from the bottom of the sea when one of my parents tea shipments sunk taking the seeds with them. I can open the containers with a narrow beam on my phaser, take it slow and scan as I do so. The first sign of a problem or virus I'll destroy it."

Jamie thought for a moment "'re the expert....just be careful....I don't want to loose another Science Chief" he replied with a chuckle "We've lost too many already."

Rayven smiled "Relax commander, I'll be fine. I have no intentions of going anywhere let alone getting hurt."

"My apologies....I didn't mean to come across sounding like 'an old mother hen' my Grams used to say....but I'm duty bound to be concerned for everyone's safety from the Captain right on down to the Crewman" Jamie explained with a smile.

"Your the first officer," Rayven commented. "Between you and the captain, everyone's safety falls onto both of you. I'll be careful and rest assured I know what I'm doing."

"Yes I can see your very good at what you I'll let you get to it then" Jamie commented with a smile "Now If you'll excuse me there is a matter that requires my attention on the Ship." With that comment he turned and made his way back to the village before going back to the Ship.

Rayven watched him go.



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