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Post Number 4, Puzzle

Posted on Fri Dec 3rd, 2021 @ 10:16pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Independance
Timeline: Current


Once Commander O’Connell and his away team had beamed over to the drifting shuttle Mystery had ordered the transporter room to keep a constant lock on them. Finding a shuttle drifting this far out with only sleeper pods on them was cause for concern.

“Rayven are you reading any other life forms besides the commander and his party,” Mystery asked

“No captain, nothing other than the sleeper pods. The shuttle is adrift, but what is odd is the escape pods are still aboard. So where is the crew, a shuttle that size would need no more than five or six crew at the most,” Rayven commented

“Are you picking up any hull breaches? Drifting bodies?” Mystery asked

“No captain, the shuttle is intact, no sign of anything that would account for the lack of the crew,” Rayven said

Mystery looked at the shuttle “Then where the hell is the crew? Who is in the sleeper pods and why? Mist keep scanning the area, let me know the second you see anything.”

“I will captain,” Rayven assured her



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