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CMO's Restrictions

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2020 @ 9:57pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant JG Kevin Lance

Mission: Ghost Station
Location: CTO's Office
Timeline: Prior to the departure of the away team


Mystery was a little surprised over the restrictions placed on the CMO. Puzzled over it she made her way to the security chief's office. Seeing the door locked open tapped on the door. Lieutenant do you have a minute?"

"I was just heading to the Armory to prepare the away team for the mission," Kevin replied, "but I am at your disposal."

"I won't over ride your decision on the CMO but I would like to know why he's restricted to the ship with us being so far out and we don't know what may lie on those ships, the star base or that solar system," Mystery asked.

"The Starfleet JAG tasked the Captain with maintaining contact with the Doctor pending completion of their investigation," Kevin explained, "Limiting the means of egress is a standard form of restriction without actually placing him under arrest. Being in deep space the restrictions are less significant as no one is able to depart the ship without command permission. The Captain can override the restrictions at his discretion. And the computer's ethical protocols will allow Doctor Relor to override the restrictions in life threatening situations.

Mystery nodded "I'd like him available for the away team should they find someone injured. Assign a security officer to him should that happen. Seeing as how your the chief of security that is your call to make. Mine is just a suggestion, I answer to the same captain you do."

"That shouldn't be a problem," Kevin admitted, "Assigning him to an away team is within the Captain's discretion." After a pause, he added, "The Captain seems...content to follow the suggestions of his department heads."

"And that is what makes him a good captain," Mystery replied "Keep me posted on what you find over there and if I need the CMO to go I'll let you know. Thank you for bringing me up to speed as well."



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