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Post Number 11 Confession

Posted on Sat Dec 11th, 2021 @ 3:17pm by Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Mystery's Ready Room
Timeline: Current


Rayven was bothered by what Eddie had made her do. But the threat of something happening to Mindy was the only reason she’d done what he’d told her to do. Rayven had tried to reach her family to make sure Mindy was okay but there had been no answer or response to her messages.

So Rayven had send an encrypted signal to the drifting prisoner ship to open the status pods, now the commander was missing and it was all her fault. The captain needed to know. Brushing away the tears that had fallen Rayven after finding out where Mystery was headed to the ready room.

Once there Rayven pressed the chime and entered when Mystery had called out permission. Taking a deep breath Rayven entered as a fresh set of tears fell.

“Rayven what’s wrong?” Mystery asked nodding to a chair in front of her desk

Taking the offered seat Rayven took several kleenex’s “Captain, I’m the reason the commander is missing. I should have told you and the commander but I thought that part of my life was buried, buried deep.”

Mystery leaned back in her seat “Let’s hear it lieutenant,”

“Back in my senior year at the academy, I met someone I thought he was the right man for me. I moved in with him, we share a daughter. It was not long after I had my daughter that I found out he was not Starfleet but instead the leader of the Nu Maquis. His name is Eddie Brisco, he was Starfleet once but was expelled for reasons too long to mention. Captain somehow he found me, he contacted me and told me if I didn’t send an encrypted code over to that ship and release those prisoners he’d sell my daughter. I know he has the commander and he has my daughter. Captain I’m sorry,” Rayven said through tears

“What makes you think he has your daughter?” Mystery asked “Isn’t she on Risa with your parents?”

“She is and I tried to reach them and they’re not responding. Now he has the commander and it’s all my fault. Captain I never meant this to happen. I’ve not seen Eddie in over three years and how he found out where I am is a puzzle let alone where my daughter is,” Rayven said

“I should confine you to quarters; Commander O’Connell may want to discipline you when he gets back. You coming clean with me goes a long way. I’ll put a notation in your file. Do you have any other secrets that could endanger my ship or your fellow shipmates?” Mystery said

“No captain, that’s it,” Rayven said

“Return to your station and we’ll discuss this later once the commander gets back and you better hope he’s alright. Dismissed,” Mystery said “Commander O’Connell will get a full report as well.”

Rayven got to her feet and headed onto the bridge. At least for now she was still on the ship, but a mark on her otherwise flawless record was not what she needed. And what would the commander do to her?



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