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Post Number 17 Free At Last

Posted on Tue Dec 21st, 2021 @ 11:33am by Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Sleeper Ship and Criminals
Location: Escape Pod
Timeline: Current


Posting as Eddie Brisco:


Eddie had come too not long after Heather and Jamie had left the shuttle, he knew his men were aboard the Independence. Things had not worked out the way he’d planned but at least he was free. Eddie knew what penal colony his men were being sent to and he vowed to free them.

Making his way to where the escape pods were he climbed into one just as the transporter hiss could be heard indicating that someone was beaming over. Firing up the escape pod Eddie launched it and headed away as fast as the pod would carry him. Next stop was someplace where he could get a ship and then head to the penal colony and free his men. Rayven had done her job well by sending over the codes to open the status pods. She had no idea that Mindy was safe.

As the escape pod sped away from the shuttle an explosion rocked the shuttle and the shock wave hit the pod. Looking behind him Eddie saw the shuttle explode and figured that the Independence had destroyed it to prevent him from returning to it.
Rayven would pay for keeping him from their daughter. But before he could do anything he needed a ship and his men. Question was what to get first, easiest was to get a ship and use the crew to take him to get his men freed. Then he’d go after Rayven and then his daughter. Smiling an evil grin Brisco leaned back, propped his feet up on the console and headed for the nearest planet.

Eddie would wait a few months and monitor things and after the heat was off him, not that it really ever would be he’d make his move to the penal colony and free his men. In the meantime he’d recruit more people to join him. Once a ship was secured a special cell for Rayven would be constructed and a room for Mindy would be set up. Rayven would be given once choice and for her sake she’d better agree. But that was all in the future, for now things needed to quiet down and he needed to lay low now that he was free.



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