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Post # 2 Getting Back

Posted on Mon Dec 27th, 2021 @ 9:27am by Commander Jamie O'Connell & Ensign Heather & Captain Mystery Ellis & Lieutenant Rayven Mist PhD

Mission: Time To Relax
Location: Independence
Timeline: Current


{Deck 2 XO's Quarters}

A couple of days had passed since Heather had rescued Jamie from his ordeal and he wanted to get back into the swing of things. At zero six hundred Jamie woke and made his way into the shower. When finished he dried off and went back into the bedroom to dress when Heather woke up and looking at Jamie "Are you going to get back to your duties today" she asked.

"Yes....I'm going to swing by Sickbay and see if Doctor Relor will clear me for duty, then I'll go to the Bridge" Jamie replied hoping to get back to work, at least for a day or two since he had heard that they were on their way to Risa.

Heather got out of bed and walked up to Jamie then proceeded to press her naked body against his "You sure you want to go back to work today?" she asked with a grin.

Jamie couldn't believe what he was about to say given the current situation "Yes I have a few things to take care of before we get to Risa" as he looked at a very sexy Heather standing there "You know that's cheating don't you" he said rethinking his day.

Heather looked at Jamie and smiled "I'm just so very glad that you're still around to tease like this" she stated then gave Jamie a kiss "I'll let you get dressed and start your day and I guess I'll go back to work too" she said then turned with a grin on her face.

Jamie just shook his head and smiled then proceeded to get dressed. When finished he walked up to Heather and gave her a kiss "We'll continue this tonight" he said with a grin. "You can count on it" she replied with a smile before showering herself.

{Deck 1 Bridge}

Jamie swung by Sickbay and Doctor Relor checked him over and cleared him for duty; now he was on his way to the Bridge. When Jamie stepped onto the Bridge all eyes were on him....everyone stood and applauded as he made his way to the XO's chair "Thank you all for such a warm welcome's good to be here" a rather grateful Commander stated then turning to Mystery "Commander O'Connell reporting for duty Captain" Jamie said with a smile being glad to be back....then he sat in his chair.

"Welcome back commander," Mystery said "Since your up here I assume the doctor has released you for duty, how are you feeling?"

"Thank you Captain" Jamie replied offering a warm smile "Yes I swung by Sickbay on my way here and Doctor Relor gave me a clean bill of health....I'm feeling pretty much like my old self." Mystery filled Jamie in on what had happened since his absence and especially concerning Lieutenant Mist.

After some time in conversation Jamie looked at Mystery "Since I'm the XO I should have a conversation with Lieutenant is as good a time as any" he replied....then rose from his seat heading to the lift while tapping his Comm "Lieutenant Mist this is the XO, please meet me in my Ready Room right away" he ordered.

{Deck 2 XO's Ready Room}

The Commander entered his Office and sat behind his desk going over the Captain's report on her conversation with the Lieutenant just to refresh his memory while waiting for the her to arrive.

Rayven tapped her com-badge, "On the way commander," she'd been dreading this meeting. Picking up the PADD with her resignation on it Rayven headed for the commander's ready room. Fighting back tears she palmed the door sensor and waited for permission to enter. Once given she walked into the commander's office "I'm glad to see you up and around, you'll be needing this," Rayven handed him the PADD.

The Commander picked up the PADD and read it over then set it on his desk. Looking up at the Rayven "Lieutenant this isn't really necessary; from what I've observed your a good made, what I hope, was an error in judgement and was not malicious on you're part. Or am I wrong" Jamie asked.

"Eddie has been a thorn in my side since the academy. When he contacted me that he had my little girl and what he wanted to do to her if I didn't agree....It was either you or my daughter. Commander I didn't know what to do and because of me you were nearly killed. I still can't raise my parents who are taking care of her for me," Rayven said brushing away tears. "She's the only good thing that came out of his and my relationship. She's also the only reason I gave up a promising cliff diving career and stayed with Starfleet."

Jamie sat thinking for a moment before commenting "One thing's for sure Brisco is one nasty peace of work, I can attest to that first hand; and yes I could have easily died if it wasn't for some special training that I've been involved in for the past several months....but I didn't which is a result of a very talented Crew member. The fact that you thought he had the one thing that's most precious to you....I can empathize. The fact still remains you broke at least a half dozen different Starfleet Regulations by your actions. Because you went to the Captain and confessed to your misdeeds....that saved your career in Star Fleet. So...if you decide to retract your resignation, and I hope you do, there will be some definite disciplinary actions brought against Lieutenant the choice is yours" the Commander concluded.

"Commander if I ever see Eddie again I'll kill him. Yes I did tell the captain because I knew what I did was wrong. My little girl means everything to me. I also know how many regulations I broke. I wouldn't blame you if you drop kicked me all the way back to cadet. Before I give you an answer on my resignation, let me ask you something. Can you ever trust me again after this?" Rayven asked.

The Commander had to think on her question for a moment before answering " will take some'll have to earn my trust again.....but I'm willing to give it try if you are" Jamie replied.

Rayven thought for several minutes, nodding "I don't blame you one bit. If your willing to give me another chance then I'm willing to as well and suffer what ever punishment you deem fit."

The Commander was quite pleased at Rayven's reply but needed to keep things official "Yes I'm willing to give you another here's what's going to happen. I'll be putting an official reprimand in your much as you should be demoted I don't think that would do either of us any will however be placed on one hundred twenty days probation starting now...if you so much as sneeze the wrong way rest assured I will demote you one full grade in rank" Jamie explained then continued "Also on your off time you will be expected to personally clean every nook and cranny in the Lab as well as all the equipment. To show you I'm not without heart I will allow you two days to be on Risa with your daughter....if we were any place else you would be confined to the Ship. Any questions?"

"No commander," Rayven replied, she'd hoped for more time but knew she was lucky. "Can I bring my daughter aboard for a couple of days too? Rest assured I will get things done. I promised her I'd teach her to cliff dive and the holo-deck is the safest place. If you say no I understand."

The Commander smiled for the first time since their meeting had begun "Permission granted...for two days only need some time with your daughter and at least here you'll be safe from Brisco. If there's nothing else your dismissed" Jamie concluded knowing that things went well and he had been more than fair.

"Thank you commander," Rayven said as she walked from his ready room. She needed to get to the surface and find Mindy.

The Commander wrote up the official reprimand and added it to Rayven's file then wrote up a report to forward to the Captain concerning the meeting and what had transpired. Hopefully Mystery wouldn't think that he had been too easy on the Lieutenant but in the end everything worked out....and that's what was important.



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